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I have written 15 books, several for other people, and the floodwater just keeps rising. 

Freelance writing– Core skills and insights 

This book is everything I wish somebody had told me when I started writing.

Customer Service – Handbook for Managers

The result of 20 years in customer service, with a total lack of sugar coating.

The Art Of Being A Somebody

A nice collection of sneers for people who need them. 

You're Looking Sane Today

A book which couldn't possibly be any help to anyone, but was a lot of fun to do. 

Gardening Is A State Of Mind

Ever hear of a reformed gardener? Of course not. If nothing else, this book will explain why.

The Creative Process

For some reason written in a series of lectures, this thing is designed to help people get in touch with their own creativity, on their own terms. 



Dear Buckley 

This book was originally called Wankers Wonderland, about my native Australia and the problems it creates for itself. I decided that title was too tactful. To have "Buckley's chance" means no chance at all. 

Live Lazy and Love It

The theory of this book is that if you can afford to be lazy, you must be doing something right. Deep, eh? 

A Career In Character

When I was working in the employment sector in the EU and US, I noticed an incredible number of self-help books where the reader had no chance of having an opinion. So I wrote this book as a sort of anti-How To book for those looking for career choices. 

Gothic Black

This book is my mix of horror and humor. It includes the Toothpaste Man of Pithcurdle, and other very useful information. 


The book that wrote itself. I grew up in the advertising world, and here's a fun book about advertising. Strange coincidence. Much fun to write, too. 



The Threat-Hamster Papers

My first book, and the first in the Threat-Hamster series. It's about immortals in an infinite environment, and is designed to break as many literary rules as possible. Cute, eh? 

Mimbly Tales

Book 2 in the Threat-Hamster series, a wandering Scottish wildcat, a cow who fights evil, and a kid who runs planets are some of the areas of interest. 


A starving man looks for a piano. Then the book gets quite complicated. There are even compromising encounters with lino, and everything. 

Sheridan Derwydd

A bright guy with a brilliant sister and some fascinating stories. (Published on Smashwords)

The Good Manager

This book is the result of watching managers, good and bad, and some actual thinking about management issues. Terrifying thought....(Published on Smashwords)