Societies as crimes
Society and crime are almost inseparable.

Everybody’s reasonably familiar with societies as crime scenes. Social
justice is a common topic, even if it’s non-existent and the talk is
ineffectual. Society as a jail is also pretty well explored. But… Societies
as crimes?

The restrictions of societies on individuals are almost endless. Human
behavior is filtered through these restrictions. “You can be a human
being, on these terms.” These restrictions also extend to peer groups,
where some unasked-for group of people suddenly affects your
behavior, even if it’s only to avoid them.

The old crock expression, “Man is a social animal” could now just as
easily be “Man is an antisocial animal”. Societies, originally human
groupings for mutual benefit, are now considered threats. Modern
societies don’t just lack cohesion, they lack credibility.

The current state of play is that societies with all their failures and
mistakes, ignorance and backwardness are inflicted on people.
Social history, the imperfect crime

Western society, in its current form, is about 300 years old. Prior to
that, it was a quasi-feudal mess of warring nations. Nobody actually
used the expression “Western society” till the 20th century, mainly
because by then, people had had enough education to realize that
other places had societies.

This is the second “Western civilization”, in effect. The first fell when
the Roman Empire’s social dysfunction reached the point that nobody
could be bothered defending Rome against the Goths. The Eastern
Empire was just that- Roman in name, eastern in nature.

The current society is the entirely unintentional result of a slow,
constipated millennium or so of modernization, wars, and occasional
unavoidable outbreaks of competence in management caused by
necessity. This mess rattled along in to the 20th century, fell apart,
and was put back together very ineptly into what we call, ridiculously
enough, the modern world.

It’s like calling a train wreck modern art. The date may be modern, the
technology modern, but the problems are social diseases and
disasters dating back thousands of years. Societies collapse through
mismanagement. It’s that simple. The symptoms may vary, but the
effects are much the same.

The social crime wave

Societies really began to fall apart as structured entities in the mid-
20th century. After the Second World War, there was a brief
“togetherness”, followed by a progressive unravelling of social
structures and social purpose.

The Cold War arguably delayed the reversion of the United States to
its Robber Baron past by several decades. Europe, in a quite
uncharacteristic bout of sanity, managed to create a stable, if bitchy
alternative to future wars.

For historians and trivia buffs-
There was a society, until…

The end of any pretense of social obligations by the democracies was
the beginning of this process of social failure. The needs of the
members of societies were neglected and ignored. Neglect, in some
cases, actually is a crime. Exclusion is a great way to crash a society,
and it always works.

The next stage was the end of social equality. While social equality in
any form was always largely nominal, and referring to barely
understood concepts, it was a form of equality. The idea of equality
was replaced by a basically feudal social structure, in which the rich
and sycophantic became social superiors.

The sudden massive rise of the criminal class as an alternative
economy and behavioral model was the next stage. Crime naturally
profits from social dysfunction. Crime has never before been so
profitable, and never before has society been so totally dysfunctional.

Crime is still seen as a personal threat, but also as an option to
manage the effects of social failure. Why work or pay taxes when you
can get rich just using your phone? The social glue is only so strong,
and when it fails, bits break off.

Old societies used to worry about petty thieves, modern societies have
to deal with multibillion dollar global crime empires. In this sense, crime
affects the whole world, and societies, through their ineptitude, provide
the means to commit crimes.

The most effective method of crashing a society is to un-educate it.
The regular howls from just about everybody about highly qualified
idiots and elected morons unable to manage basic roles is now a
virtual soundtrack to society.

Education is supposed to create competencies. Look around. How
much competence do you see, on a daily basis? What’s well
managed? What’s going right?

The Culture of Inefficiency- A crime in progress

After the war, new technologies and new prosperity made the future
something fabulous. The future, we were told, would be beautiful.
There’d be no more poverty, no more war….

Hasn’t quite worked out like that, has it? The rise of the “pedantic
classes”, totally lacking imagination as much as they lack competence
and objectivity, has suffocated social progress.

Life is a spreadsheet, according to this group. Nothing is more
important than lugging around the baggage of inefficiency which
employs them, in every aspect of human life.

This culture of inefficiency. Where one step in a process would do the
job, a thousand steps are required. “Meetings” are held to discuss
trivial issues. A ridiculous number of measures are used to define a
single figure.

Stress Culture, the usual result of endless mistakes and pressures,
adds another dimension to the disgusting picture of a society which
simply never gets anything right. Tantrums and psychoses are very
different in nature, but very similar in their social effects.  

“Screaming Boss Syndrome” is also a sign of Brat Culture, where
being a piddling little scumbag is considered part of the image of
success. You have to wonder how some of these people got out of the

This is also the culture which ridicules the future. The “real world
cliché”, which says that the future or anything new or unheard-of is
either impossible or too expensive. Like religion, the culture simply
refuses to tolerate or even consider any other form of human
experience but their version of it.

These people and the idiots that trained them constantly prove they
know nothing about anything. They are the antithesis of innovation,
and they’re running the world. Consider what might be, now see what
eternal happiness were invented tomorrow, this culture would say it
was unaffordable. They’d insist on market research to find out if it was
saleable. Then they’d jack up the price and explain the price rise
proved they were geniuses.

Ignoring the future is also a crime. It’s as much of a crime as driving on
a crowded freeway wearing a blindfold. Kids now in grade school will
be the victims of this crime.

Quality of life? Really? When? How? Why?

The ongoing, daily crime committed by societies is the destruction of
quality of life. Never mind The Good Old Days or nostalgia ad
nauseam, Western society has gone from decent living spaces to
absurd, overpriced rat holes.

Aspirations, you enquire? A slightly nicer rat hole. This slum-worship is
now considered normal by a society which apparently never notices
options other than “normal”.

That’s not living, it’s an insult.

It’s also the result of economics asleep at the switch for generations.
This subject doesn’t need elaboration, at least not for the living. For
the amount of money and generations wasted on a tenth rate
economic model and political ignorance, the entire human race could
be living in palaces. This is waste combined with stupidity.

Now we come to health. Remember health? People were healthy, a
couple of generations ago. Now things are a bit different. 25%of the
population will have a mental illness at some point in their lives,
aggravated by Stress Cultures. About 10% will have obesity. Another
10 or more per cent will have diabetes.

That’s already 45% of the population. Great achievement. Meanwhile,
the society smiles tolerantly and allows the cost of managing the health
issues to endlessly rise.

So we have a massive number of sick people, trying to function. Sick
people inevitably make mistakes, and can’t perform as they need to
perform. It’s not their idea.

Is it any wonder that the society responds to every crisis like a
comatose house brick?

Societies as crimes

Consider this situation, and its effect on individuals:

Every single aspect of human life is effectively sabotaged by social
and cultural dysfunction.

Society is now its own worst disease. It is a travesty. It’s hopelessly
slow. “Leadership” is mediocre at best and invariably ineffectual on all
levels. Vision is non-existent.

Problems are not managed. They’re institutionalized. They become
industries, not solutions. Everybody in a society is stuck with the
effects of these endless failures.

This is as much of a crime as actual murder. It’s multiple crimes, in fact.
It’s slaughter by spreadsheets, persecution by prices, torture by trivia,
and genocide by geriatric concepts.

Is there a solution?

Will it work?