Please read a few delicately expressed
    (in fact downright genteel) basic rules
    for contacting me.

    No BS or you get blocked immediately.

    No sales stuff; you're either buying
    something from me or you're gone.  

    No political or religious stuff at all.

    Media agents/ publicists/ etc.
    Everything is on delivery. With me you
    start on 10% until you prove you can
    actually deliver.

    Publishers - You got a $50 - $100K
    advance? Think of it as a way of
    prolonging a conversation beyond two
    well known words.

    There are absolutely no exceptions to
    these basic rules, so please take the
    not very subtle hints.

    No form of contact that doesn't abide
    by these rules will be accepted. I get
    enough crap as it is and I don't
    appreciate it. If I don't know you and
    you don't use the right contact
    process, you'll be ignored.

    Get it wrong enough, and you'll also
    get sued.


    Because that's the only warning you'll
    ever get.
Contact Us
    Contact email:

    This is the only source of contact I will accept from
    first time contacts.

    Other options:

    Digital Journal: You need to register with DJ to do a
    user contact.

    SMJ blog: Use the forms on the blogs.

    Twitter- use @PaulFMWallis

    LinkedIn- Use the LinkedIn contact process and
    send a message to me at LinkedIn.