Pay As You Go Reality – If you don’t pay for it, you can ignore it


Wasp2Stop enjoying getting disembowelled by your bills (you self-indulgent cad!) for a minute and listen to this – New Pay As You Go Reality can solve it all for you. You can subscribe to the bits you want, too. It’s all part of the new selective reality lifestyle being trialled by various geniuses.

Obviously, “I think, therefore I am” has a lot wrong with it. “…I am what?” is the obvious demographic anomaly. Many people find reality a pretty lousy fit, and you can’t do much with it except lug it around with you. In fashion terms, it’s no great asset, either. Unless you can say, preferably while dribbling eloquently, “Looka me! Me just got new reality!” there’s no real status value, either.

Clearly, the only real option is to customize reality. You can now subscribe to things like wars, poverty, and incredible, soul-searing boredom at your discretion. Customize your choice of tedium and pointless ennui. Buy a designer state of total mediocrity for your very own, not just what some throwaway society nobody believes in inflicts on itself. Continue reading