Being environment-friendly makes men feel ‘effeminate’?


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2In what must be the most cringe-worthy, cowardly, bit of infantile peer pressure since day care, men feel less macho when it comes to the environment and being eco-friendly. Aww…. Diddums?

This truly dire finding of boyish spinelessness comes to you courtesy of the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. It was an odd survey they did, but an interesting one, despite the findings. Seems everyone, including women, sees the environment as a feminine thing. Being eco-friendly, therefore, makes you less of a guy? How?

How simple-minded can you get? Even allowing for not-very-dazzling intellects and personalities:

May I point out to any alleged males having an identity crisis on this subject – Exactly how much less of a guy you could be, in conforming mindlessly to such a banal, truly stupid, view of the environment, is debatable.

I don’t know where you guys rent your testosterone, (same place you get your social skills?)  but you’re obviously getting a supremely inferior product.

Environment? What environment? This one, idiots.

In the days of hunting for a living, and trying not to get killed by the “effeminate” environment, the view was very different. It was undisputed proof of manhood to survive that environment. Survival was very tough. Many tribes around the world had solo survival ordeals. If you failed, you were no loss to anyone, including yourself.

Let’s check out the state of play:

Now, so far from brave, almost suicidal, real hunters, we have weaklings using super powered weapons pretending to be hunters shooting sedated lions, giraffes, and calling it macho? It’s not. It’s cowardice incarnate. (To start with-  How could you miss, and how could you be in any real danger from these truly stuffed animals?)

You pathetic lost hairstyles are calling yourselves men? You’re macho? How? With what? Your endless two year old egos? How can having an opinion about the environment make you less of a man, unless by your own actions?

Does wanting a decent, exciting, and sometimes dangerous place to live make you less of a man? How the hell would you know? It’s not like you’ve ever got out of your suburban bassinet, is it?

Does living in a global stinking, mismanaged criminal sewer make you a man? You seem to think it does. That says more about you than you may ever understand.

Does taking time off from grovelling to everyone and everything make you a man? It might, but you won’t, will you? If you’re too damn scared to even have your own opinions about the environment, who cares? You obviously don’t qualify as male.

Some media peasant/ dunghill dweller says the environment – the thing you depend on for survival – is “feminine” and “for losers”, and you simply agree? Wow, are you a waste of space.

This survey has exposed a flaw in male psychology and survival skills which seems to be getting as bad as the 80% drop in male fertility, caused by environmental mismanagement. A mere word scares you and threatens your manhood? Running away is a survival skill, but when it comes to the environment, there’s nowhere to run.

So – Fuck ye off mightily and far away, O “sons” of weakness, and don’t come back. Don’t call yourselves men. You don’t have the right.

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Dear alien archaeologists


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamHi, alien archaeo-buffs. You may be wondering how Homo Sapiens, aka the dumbest species ever to exist, went extinct. It’s a pretty strange tale. You may also be surprised to know they weren’t always dumb.

The fact that the dinosaurs, which didn’t even have air conditioning, lasted so much longer than a species techno-pandered to death, says a lot. Early humans were a lot mentally and physically tougher and a lot more practically-minded than their descendants.

The learning process, in fact, was the tale of humans from start to finish. In the beginning, they learned and retained knowledge. They knew what it was for. The development of fire, building, weapons, tribal societies, trade and agriculture were all useful and productive.

They went from being a prey species in Africa to global top predators. They became a true multi-environmental species, even during an Ice Age. The combination of necessity and learning was quite enough to produce the first civilizations.

Ironically, it was civilization which started to unravel the practical mindsets. The survival-based thinking gave way to luxuries and other nonessentials. Civilizations fell, routinely, largely due to mismanagement, the exact opposite of practical thinking.

Fortunately, the barbarians which produced the subsequent civilizations weren’t so insane. They retained the practical mentalities of the past, and the learning systems, to a large extent. Barbarians don’t have “civilizations”, but they do have cultures. Those cultures were much more like their ancestors – Aggressive, practical to any required degree, opportunistic and very much more virile than the civilized peoples.

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