What’s “Left”?


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2From all the pablum about “lefties” coming from the right wing press, you’d think there actually was a “Left”. There isn’t. Being “left” of outright Nazism simply means you’re a member of the human race. You hedonist, you.

The “Left” of right wing mythology doesn’t even exist. Everything which refers to any social issue is called “socialism”, which merely reflects the appalling lack of education of those doing so. There is no “movement”, mainly because nobody ever thought it necessary to create one.

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Fear of creativity is the sure sign that you should be a publisher. Read this, and you’ll never need homicidal maniacs again.

About this so-called “Left” – See any wild-eyed proletariats running around talking about the 5 year plan and armed revolution? See any collective farms getting set up in Manhattan with fat, smug, commissars? How about glorious decisions to build a new tractor, ironically enough at the tractor factory?

That’s Left, old school, direct from 1917 to you and hasn’t had an original idea since. The old Left is gone, and good riddance. It completely ignored the gulags, the genocide, the Great Leap off a Cliff in China, etc., etc. It got lost in words and concepts it didn’t really understand.

Then there’s the ideologies called “Left”. A more pathetic collection of brain dead clichés you couldn’t wish to see. So you think people need health care, education, housing, etc., you revolutionary hero? Whaddya want, a medal for seeing the obvious? Just do it, you bloody clowns. Less verbiage, more results. Ideologies come and go; humanity needs more than verb candy.

Personal perspective on the Left

According to some of those political surveys, I’m a bit “left” of the Greens. That’s ironic, because I came from a background that makes the traditional conservatives of today look like raging libertarians, and my views haven’t changed much over the years I think that means that I don’t bother lugging around a lot of dogma and buzzwords. Not as though I care, of course, but it’s interesting to see these political definitions waddling around like self-important two year olds. I’ve now seen a few generations of this claptrap, and I think it’s time for a change.

I’ve watched the ha-ha Left since the 1970s. The first thing I learned was that like the Right, any new information is very unwelcome. The pack of ideological recitals I saw left no space for opinions of any kind, particularly not new ones.

The old Left, like the Right, seemed to glory in its own obsolescence. A few mouldy old clichés, and you were Ideologically Correct. Particularly if you had no idea what you were talking about. Reality and the old Left parted company before the Second World War. When Stalin arrived, the original Left, Marxism, and everything else died. The image of communism was its ghost, in so many ways.

Then came the counterculture. There WAS a real counterculture. It’s about as close to a real Left as Western civilization has ever achieved. Again, it was “left” because it was well outside the right wing spectrum, not because it had any real socialist credentials.

Free food, free shops, anti-violence, you name it; a lot of good ideas arrived and were put in to practice. These ideas were finally received by an audience which was actually interested. It couldn’t last, of course. The eternally idiotic mainstream media created an image of crime, disease and drugs, and suburbia, which is by nature terrified of everything, retreated to its eternal bunker of smug ignorance.

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam, AmazonFor me, it proved a point – The middle class is the middle class. Try holding a revolution in a supermarket and see what happens. Not much. The middle class is quite happy to let things run on rails, as long as it doesn’t bother them. Genocide, pole to pole toxic waste, all is OK just so long as they don’t have to think about it or actually have a personal opinion, and they’re fine.

By the end of the Cold War, the “Left” had run out of sponsors and credibility. Most of it had never had any talent, aka real ideas, so the whole thing wound up in a sort of historical landfill. Nobody was ever “Left” in the brave new vacuum of No Think Politics.

For many years now, I and other writers have been referring to the old “Left” as “leftovers”. Stale, old, out of date, shallow, and more.


  • Social programs are not “Left”. They’re a matter of social responsibility.
  • Human rights are not “Left”. They’re common sense, and some of the very little common sense which has ever intruded on human history.
  • Environmentalism is not “Left”. It’s good management. The old Left, in fact, is directly responsible for some of the most toxic landscapes on Earth.
  • Feminism is not “Left”. It’s proper acknowledgement of 51% of the human species. Case closed.
  • Health is not “Left”. It’s about survival. Need a map for that one?
  • Education is not “Left”. It’s about skills needed in a modern world.
  • Housing is not “Left”. It’s about human needs.
  • Social justice is not “Left”. It’s even part of the Pledge of Allegiance, “justice for all”. You’d think even the Right would get that.
  • Poverty is not “Left”. It’s humanity’s worst and oldest enemy. Destroy it.

The only thing “Left” about these things is that these are the issues the Right refuses to even acknowledge, let alone do anything about.

The Left, in effect, is being defined by the Right. That’s Left as it now is.

The Time for Being Polite about the “Left” is over

OK, that’s as polite as I’m going to be. The default Left is also being absolutely useless in terms of achievements.

About that list above:

  • Social programs: If the government won’t start them, you start them. Get off your damn arses.
  • Human rights: These can be enforced in the courts, and by active resistance to their abuse by any means available. Do it, don’t just talk about it.
  • Environmentalism: Start land repair, toxic waste removal, etc. There’s no law against them. Buy the land with your group chump change. Create safe havens for animals, plants, etc. Protect water sources, soils, and the biological structures of the local ecology. You can’t go far wrong.
  • Feminism: The more emphasis on merit, the more likely to succeed feminism will be. Don’t make it a mere quota system for some of the girls in better paying jobs, which is trivialising the rest of the whole idea of feminism.
  • Health: Set up clinics, set up supports, source better costs for those who need them. No talk at all about this, get the professionals to do it. Most will be only too happy to do so.
  • Education: Literacy is the difference between a social cripple and a human being. Illiteracy must go, and go for good if humanity intends to survive this total meltdown of global management. Teach, support teaching, whatever; get on with it.
  • Housing: You can now 3D print a whole house in a day or so. Get cracking.
  • Social justice: This is another right, in case anyone has forgotten. Enforce through pro bono law, enforce through practical living options. Just do it.
  • Poverty: Create a training, and launch system to get people out of poverty, and just apply it. Prosperity defeats poverty by creating the economic synergies required.

See any impossibilities in that little collection of basics? No? So why the hell is it taking so long to achieve anything? Talk is way too cheap, and it’s costing people their dignity and their chances of decent lives.

You can stick your endless self-righteous chatter up your arses. God knows, it may be the only use you ever find for your arse, given the total ideological constipation which NEVER translates in to action. It’s put up or shut up time, and no excuses are acceptable. To hell with politics, and its social diseases.

…And for god’s sake, no more crap about “empowerment”. You’re NOT empowered until you have personal power to manage your life. You’re on the wrong end of a social sewer. Fix that.

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Economic freedom – The argument for a living wage


Wasp2The current state of anti-civilization is that people now live to pay bills and endure economic hardships. This abysmal norm is sometimes spiced up by crimes, diseases, and wars. Very few people experience any sort of economic freedom.

Economic freedom can be defined as total economic independence. In this economic structure, it’s almost impossible for the vast majority. Quality of life has gone down with disposable income. People are forced to take hideous jobs, and work for an existential insult defined in dollar terms.

The weird thing is that nobody even thinks about  actual economic freedom, as if this ridiculous hamster wheel of a “life” could ever achieve anything. It’s one of the biggest obstacles to the advancement of the human race to anything vaguely resembling civilization. The old models are falling to bits, and that’s not even being discussed effectively.

A_Career_in_Characte_Cover_for_Kindle 300PPIGovernments have been out of touch with economic realities for so long that they still think/pretend that the old theories work. Worse, they think/pretend that they’ll work in future. In a society where whole classes of income earning jobs are about to go extinct, the systemic ignorance of human realities and future issues is not acceptable.

Pretending the future isn’t there is as absurd as it is dangerous. The economic scythe is swinging. The last generation to attain any sort of economic freedom were the Boomers. Generation X managed a more or less OK quality of life, but a much lower standard of living, plagued by neurosis and massive inflation called, ridiculously, “growth”. Generation Y is treading water at best, sinking at worst. Gen Y won’t be able to do a lot to help Gen Z.

With this has come a “lifestyle”. The term is almost an obscenity, but less articulate. Most people experience unemployment and various degrees of economic hardship on a more or less universal basis.

The Working Poor are now hunting the charities for support. People are going without food to pay bills for basic amenities. The alleged chances to better oneself have been incinerated by overpriced, anachronistic education methods and policies. Housing is now an expensive luxury for most people. Gen Z will be unlikely to be able to own property unless born rich. This is Failure, expressed in human realities on a massive scale.

Live_Lazy_and_Love_I_Cover_for_Kindle(The Charter of Human Rights should include all the basics – Food, power, water, education, and housing. The molestation of humanity by deprivation is as much of an abuse as any other kind of atrocity.)

Economic freedom, in this system, is almost impossible. With the dependency on ridiculous economics and economic models come appalling jobs, full of tyrannical abuses and bullying. The degree of acceptance of these nauseating working conditions is based on degrees of desperation. People tolerate the intolerable, to the extent they can.

With this global graveyard of an economy comes another, less obvious, issue – The inability of people to function at their best. Talent is wasted in giga-hours of time used to merely survive. Skills rot away. Knowledge is attained but not used effectively.

If people had actual economic freedom, they’d:

  • Tell the office maniacs and petty vermin where to go.
  • Gravitate to using their talents.
  • Have far more scope to develop.
  • Be able to reduce life stresses which have become actual psychoses, to the point of being an epidemic.
  • Be able to put more money in to the economy.
  • Have more choices in all aspects of life.

Freelance_writing-_C_Cover_for_KindleAs long as money is used as the practical definition of the human ability to live and quality of life, economic freedom is the only worthwhile objective for most people. It doesn’t matter how you achieve it. The work ethic is strangely out of place in a world dominated by the repulsive, unethical, and largely useless, world of finance. Greedy mediocrities are the role models; mediocrity and worship of greed is the result.

Winning a lottery is as valid a form of financial success as doing nothing of value for a large salary in this world. The heroes of this sewer of a society aren’t “successful” – They’re lucky, criminal, or corrupt, or all of the above. You don’t need to apologize for theft any more – The biggest thieves are considered clever and even, bizarrely, intelligent. Theft is no indicator of intelligence. Animals can steal. Not many of them win industry awards for their dazzling achievements, though.

Economic freedom is an option which doesn’t currently exist even in the laziest, smuggest theories for the vast majority of the world’s population. It’s too unlikely even for the chronic economic liars. Things could be very different, with surprisingly little actual effort.

Are we poor enough yet page 5Imagine a world of actual prosperity. Imagine diverting money from useless crony-driven, political policies to actual economics. Imagine actually getting some value out of your taxes apart from employing politicians to give public money to their owners.

The public pays for everything, directly or otherwise. Every disaster is funded with public money, and the public can’t even rely on getting the most basic services. Imagine a world where the public was funding the public, not the parasites.

No, this isn’t communism or even socialism. It’s applied cynicism. Communism and socialism created a rhetorical norm which didn’t exist, then spent decades pretending they had a clue what they were doing. The USSR destroyed itself through its own mismanagement and misjudgement. “Redistributing the wealth” is just lousy arithmetic.

(This isn’t about “the rich”, who will be rich until they figure out some brilliant new ways of going broke as nearly all of them do, sooner or later. It’s not about the generationally insular, who have managed to avoid the abrasions of life for so long. They’re irrelevant. Let them be rich and insular; they’ll probably do less damage that way, to adapt a quote from Yes Prime Minister. This is about getting humanity permanently out of the hole it’s dug for itself.)

The democracies have managed to achieve the same thing, by mismanagement and a bizarre insistence on ignoring economic facts of all kinds. Poverty has been on the increase for decades in the West and the net result has been a few tacky press releases and infinite self-congratulation by the senile, the sycophantic, and the stupid. Nothing at all of any real value has been done by these real-world addicts to address real world issues; nor is that situation likely to change.

Are we poor enough yet HYFDAY versionThis is the Age of Imbecility in economic terms. As long as system-driven economic disasters are tolerated, they’ll get bigger and worse. The failure to recognize the chronic obsolescence of the existing economic system has led to failure in all areas of human existence. The failure to recognize the approaching extinction event of the old economy is the current working model of future blunders.

Nor is the decision-making process any better. Big ideas, the few still around, are put in the hands of intellectual and moral weaklings. Illiterates scrabble to find a few words to lie their tiny heads off about any given situation. Disinformation is now a full scale industry spending billions on creating misleading nonsense about any given situation.

Nothing is actually achieved, solutions are ephemeral at best, and the catastrophes keep rolling along. The two dimensional approach to the unforgiving three dimensional realities is doomed to fail.

With economic freedom, the default response to the Big Lie is to tell it where to go and make sure it gets there. Desperate people have to endure this pseudo-intellectual rubbish; economically free people don’t have to put up with a second of it.

Economic freedom is the ability to be oneself without fear. Fear is the driver of economic realities as they are now. Insecurity, financial pressures, constant added pressures, you name it; it’s the antithesis of economic freedom.

A living wage is a game changer by definition for those in the lower financial brackets. The managerial bottom-feeders cease to have an influence. You can walk away from a job that’s killing you with no qualms. You can tell the maniac in accounts or the lunatic pedant in your admin job where to go. You don’t have to fear every new expense. You don’t have to fear the consequences of following your better judgment in how you live your life, either.

You can forget about those hideous incidents and experiences trying to scrape a few bucks together to deal with some new cash crisis. You can afford to be healthy, happy, and carefree. You can even afford to be yourself.

Beats crap out of the alternative.

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