1918-2018, or Why World War One is part of your life, too


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2World War One was the death of a prosperous, relatively happy world. If you read the biographies of people who fought in that war, you’ll see something very familiar  – The loss of a world of youth, and its replacement by a hideous world of ideologies and political insanities. Everyone who fought in that war resented it, and what it did to their lives in so many ways.

The sheer madness of World War One was a guide to the future in so many ways:

Ridiculous basis for a war: The Archduke who was shot and triggered the war was one of the progressives, trying to address the issues for which he was assassinated. It was a sad event, certainly, but not a good reason for an estimated 20 million deaths and four years of mass human misery. There was no reason for this war at all, on any rational basis. One authority comments that the most striking cause for the war was the sheer mediocrity of the people involved, office boys with no clue about warfare or its possibilities, or how to stop a war from happening.

Maniacal conduct of the war: Even those who assumed a war was inevitable never predicted the results. The sheer slaughter of World War One is still statistically as bad as later wars in terms of massacring combatants, usually to achieve absolutely nothing of military or political value. People were walking in to literal hails of machine gun and artillery fire, and they just kept doing it. Millions were killed, and many more maimed for life. The only people who benefited were the arms manufacturers. Everyone else lost.

The most vague political concepts of the war: By 1915, Europe and Russia were annihilating their soldiers at thousands per day, with no clear view of what was to be achieved except “victory”, at the price of an entire generation. Even the Vietnam War doesn’t quite reach this level of mindless obsession.

Social catastrophes: The Russian Revolution, the creation of a maimed and barely viable Germany, and the legacy of Britain’s horrendous war costs were the catalysts for a disgusting, politically corrupt future and the endless local wars of today.  1918 was the benchmark for political failures of all kinds, and the predecessor of “austerity”, that worldwide obscenity, in its first form.

Hijacking democracy: The rise of Fascism, Nazism and Communism date from 1918, too. Ultra-capitalism in the US the early “1%” and the Depression consolidated capitalism in the West as the so-called antithesis of the anti-democratic movements. In practice, capitalism enforced another form of anti-democracy, the hijacking of government by the big capitalists. The New Deal dealt only with the physical problems, not the venal, verminous mindsets which contaminate the world now.

Propaganda and disinformation: Fake news is nothing new. During and after World War One, it became a science, and the basis for Orwell’s 1984. By 1946, it was a standard tool of governments. Some people still fail to recognise that Big Brother is a stagnant, self-limiting, self-oppressing society, dedicated to preserving its owners, not the society.

Ideological warfare in war and peace: The ideologies which sprouted like diseases from World War One’s gigantic cemeteries were arguably worse than the war. These were the excuses for genocide, fire bombing, mass executions, and the vast human disasters in Europe and Asia. Even colonial genocides didn’t reach these industrial scales of mass murder.

Yes, World War One is your problem in 2018

If you’re one of those people who believes that nothing which happened before you were born is relevant to you, you’re very wrong. The map of human misery as it now exists was made in 1918. A war which never needed to happen at all caused it all.

There’s no reason to believe that so many prosperous countries would have torn each other, and themselves, to pieces and set the scene for the 20th century’s hideous “entertainments”. The Holocaust, the Great Depression, and the Cold War could never have happened without World War One.

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Germany, a middle class country in normal times, could never have been the scene for Nazism without the Treaty of Versailles which sent it broke even before the Depression. Global colonialism would have come and gone on its own. Social changes and improvements for the poor were already happening in the West, and percolating to the East. Before World War One, there were no fanatics running nations. Even when the Russian and Chinese Revolutions first happened, they were led by moderates and academics, not fanatics and criminals.

Science couldn’t have been so easily diverted to military industrial uses, either. World War One turned basic technologies in to high value commercial assets. War, in effect, became truly profitable, and easy to distribute, worldwide. No prizes for seeing the modern parallels and their equally repulsive ramifications.

The same methods, the same stupidity and same basic mindsets are still in play. They’re like some sort of rotting corpse centre stage at a wedding which never quite happens. For some reason, these ugly bastard children of World War One are still calling the shots, a century later.

World War One As Part of Your Life? Yes. Lucky You.

Those who don’t learn from history are fools at best, traitors to humanity at worst. Look and learn. History is the greatest horror stories ever written, and you’re in it, whether you like it or not. NONE of the problems have been solved. If you don’t recognise history as a threat, you may well become history well before your time.



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A corporate dynamic vs toast – A history


corporate dynamic…And it came to pass in those days that a piece of toast was decreed by those in the vast spaces of the meeting. Behold ye, sinners, the dynamic culture thereof, and how a world did end.

“Toast”, cried the dynamic geriatric, famous for his ability to almost use furniture. “Yeah!” yelled the multitude. “…But how?” they wailed. The challenge was great; the minds were flickering with the implications.

“You’ve got a plan, boss!” said the perceptive young 50 year old sycophant, astutely.

Are we poor enough yet page 6An expression, perhaps, or possibly erosion, crossed the enigmatic features of the boss. It was a look of greed, power, and lust. Or maybe the senility was trying to escape again.

The insiders looked on admiringly but with caution. The boss had an unusual hairstyle, largely because his hairdresser hated his guts, and the resulting haystack was sometimes a clue to the dark logic under it. If the mess on top moved, something was actually going to happen. If it didn’t, they could go and frolic in the park unless those big butch butterflies were around.

The hair moved, erratically. Something was going to happen. The level of tension rose. You could feel the dynamics, oozing out of their various orifices.

Job page 19“Yes”, he replied eventually. He looked around at his cohorts, his legions in this war on toast. They were a good bunch. Loyal, punctual, and absolutely talentless. They were the perfect mix of futility, cheap greed, and utter dependency.

“We need thought leadership!” he exclaimed. “We need insights, inputs, and outputs. We need people called Nigel making passionate evangelisms among the masses. We’ll form a working group, and start a project.”

The hordes swooned. Action! Decision! A room full of ties straightened up in their chairs, instinctively.

The perceptive young 50 year old was chosen to lead the team. He was a real go-getter that got. He started with the thought leadership. He scoured the Earth, or somewhere similar.

Mimbly_Tales_Cover_for_Kindle(1) 300PPIHe found Ard O’Veering, the dynamic instigator of seminars which appeared out of nowhere in New York. The crusty old 20 year old was full of vinegar, pithy observations, and about three bottles of Jack. Just the guy to really pin down the ethics, meaning and spiritual flavors of toast.

He found Pew Tress Smugly, hard case marketing genius and occasional arsonist, perfect for the difficult task of making toast. Smugly was able to expound the true values of thermodynamics, oxidization, and flammable materials to any business gathering. He was a persuader, an influencer, a clairvoyant, and able to kill people with a mere 5 hour monologue on any subject. Talk about dynamic.

He found Lucid Van Duh, too… A master of social media, capable of turning Big Data in to meaningful slop with a single nuance of moving priorities and personally responsible for the Louvre becoming a dry cleaning franchise. “Him look dynamic”, reasoned the 50 year old sycophant cunningly.

Didn't know that, eh?

Didn’t know that, eh?

The team was assembled at a meeting, and the feathers flew as these experts battled for supremacy over the toast project. The conversational got technical, fast, and most of the audience were lost early in the melee of ideas.

Ard O’Veering: “We toast, do we not? We estrange the carbohydrates in coarse gestures, do we not? We singe We howl at the moon, but do we gyrate at the tides?” he asked.” We should become as one with the toast!” he roared.

Pew Tress Smugly disagreed, vehemently: “We should create new meanings! Is it enough to merely toast, when we could incinerate our way to a whole new civilization on a single slice of bread?”

Lucid Van Duh threw a colossal monkey wrench in to the meeting with a savage riposte: “Flard. Sub toastal ecumenical leanings. Drive toast to movies. Zab woof. Nootle not lest your smoods betray your true objectives.”

They didn’t actually start beating each other up, but wow, was it dynamic. The only thing they agreed on was that media coverage of The Toasting was required, and their fees.

Gothic Black, Paul Wallis books AmazonThe boss smiled, and the mob cringed. He got up on the table and said, “Agreed! A budget of $15 million will be used for the project.” Then he did a little dance, singing Camptown Races in the nasal tones so popular at karaoke nights. The crowd went wild.

Dynamically, they set up the dynamics of the project, which obviously had to have good dynamics or it wouldn’t have been dynamic. People were sent on working retreats to learn how to antagonize carbohydrates with coarse gestures. Haggard but mindlessly optimistic faces appeared in the malls. They arranged groups to howl at the moon while others surveyed recruits for gyrating at the tides. People who identified strongly with toast were surveyed, and had to be restrained in some cases.

Other groups were sent in search of meanings, with orders to capture them and return them to the office for evaluation. Serial toast-burners were brought in for questioning and training purposes. A group of specialists were sent looking for a civilization to compare to slices of bread.

A Flard Task Group was set up to find flards for staff indoctrination, preferably those flards with strong but discreet religious ties. Cinemas were besieged with people bringing their toast to premieres. Zab woofs, a particularly cynical type of dog, were bred in huge numbers. Nootles, nootling, and any other activities were banned, causing some annoyance among nootle-vendors around the town. Smood management (the art of smoothing your moods until you don’t know what you think about anything) classes were rigidly enforced for all staff. Objectives of any kind were forbidden to be mentioned.

Mass Media page 3The media production people were invited, then found themselves subject to non-disclosure contracts, orientation lectures, and seminars from the three stalwart thought leaders. They agreed that $15 million sounded about right for the project. Allowing for other costs, that blew out The Toast budget to about $40 million.

Nobody cared. Life was good. Ideas were challenging and exciting. Many of the staff had never tried Smooding, and found it very helpful in their relationships, personal and professional.

Talkback radio stars had orgasms on air about The Toast. They proclaimed it a moral essential, a key issue in modern democracy, and rather cute. Game shows and reality shows included people talking about The Toast to the exclusion of all other subjects. Even the standing room only state of North America, now covered five layers deep in management consultants, was rarely remarked upon.

It was perhaps inevitable that a wider stage for The Toast was envisaged. The three deus ex washing machina decided that political leverage was required, and managed to persuade representatives from government and opposition to provide inputs. Another $20 million sailed majestically by as the organization, tired but proud, cheered.

Are we poor enough yet page 14Soon, the world was involved. National budgets included funding The Toast as a core economic policy. Huge amounts of business were generated for toast training, therapy, and related needs. Flards roared. The moon was howled at by millions of people. Tides were gyrated at, whether they liked it or not. Smooding was entered in to civil law, and included in corporate law as a nice touch.

The military industrial complex, of course, couldn’t be left out. Toast bombers, Toast ICBMs, and Toast robots with Stealth Smooding capabilities were churned out in vast numbers.

Zab woofs were appointed to executive positions, mainly because unlike the constantly smooding humans, they knew when and whom to bite or urinate upon. Arson became an Olympic sport. Toast burning was carried out in mass ceremonies, oversighted by High Smooding Priests. The Toast Day became a public holiday.

Are we poor enough yet page 4Then a revolutionary idea occurred – Why not put something on the toast, like marmalade, or jam or something? It took the mighty intellects four years to think of it, but it was a major, and for a while, significant, revelation. Fortunately, no actual wars occurred, but global tensions were high, even when subjected to Mass Smooding.

Came the big day – The actual Toasting. Expectations were high. The boss appeared before the world in his Smood Suit, his haystack hair gleaming in the sun. The sound of a world saying “Goshickles!” was heard.

He placed the toast in the toaster. It arose, glowing crisply from the heat of the 4000 degree, ultra-tactful, super laser toaster. He smiled. He buttered the toast, added jam, reheated, and ate it.

A silence ensued.

A voice was heard – “You mean… That’s it?” asked the voice.

The global economy collapsed. The Toast-oriented society, its ethics, its values, and most importantly its stock prices, lost all meaning. The chaos was un-Smoodable. A world ended, if not before the next thing it toasted was the boss and his haystack hair, which turned out to be an actual haystack.

Moral of story – If you believe for a minute anything means anything but exactly what it’s supposed to be and what it’s supposed to do, you’re even dumber than you think you are. Smood if you can.

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