Minimalism, a rebuttal


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamMinimalism is to me the epitome of this idea-less, loveless, lifeless society. Replace a life with an empty space. Decluttering is one thing; removing all aesthetics and life values is another.

What, nothing matters? No keepsakes, no beautiful things? Exactly what I’d expect from this rathole of a pseudo-civilization; a barren wasteland, with a brand name and a smug little rationale. Minimalism is the sort of aesthetic you’d expect from an underachieving termite.

What minimalism is and isn’t

Listen, phonebrains, while I explain a few things:

Minimalism is called “living with less”. That’s a death sentence if ever there was. Already living in overpriced antique pigeon coops, you want less?  Remember doing more with less, that farcical fraud foisted on business? Remember how it meant doing a lot more with a lot less and achieving nothing but stress?

This is a simulation of the known universe. Minimalism? None.

The universe. Minimalism? None. This single picture has more meaning than any empty damn barn will ever have. You wouldn’t be allowed to put it on your wall, because it’s not a minimalist value.

Minimalism means by definition fewer aesthetics. Can you exist without a likeable environment? Would you want to? Because that’s what this “interior desertification” means. How at home do you feel in a barren space like an airport? Do you go to a “nice” pub, with a friendly environment, or some damn laminated hell with nothing but lifeless spaces?

Minimalism means life without art. Ignore a few thousand years of aesthetics, why don’t you? You could be as pig-ignorant as anyone you’ve ever despised. “Well, how long can you look at the same painting?”, you ask? Answer; decades, if you know a damn thing about how to look at a painting. You’ll always see textures, colour combinations, etc. The painting will reflect differently with different moods, emotions, etc., too.

The lifestyle aspect of minimalism is one of its few valid features; it reflects a nothing of a lifestyle. Emptiness, not humanity, not even personality. The irony of using natural materials in “minimalist” environments is that you might as well be back in the caves, where you presumably belong, not living as some sort of allegedly advanced, evolved being.

To me, minimalism is subhuman. It’s a monument to nihilism, that great philosophical cop-out of humanity, in which everything is considered meaningless. It’s as pitiful as “prove existence” for first year philosophy hacks. How spiritually gutless can you get? Minimalism, like nihilism, means you have no skin in the game of being yourself. You can’t win, but you can’t lose, either, with no commitments. You can’t even play the game. That’s minimalism; a void in to which you can escape. You can have it; just don’t ask me to do anything with it but bury it.

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21st century Bohemian evolution – Survival tactics


cropped-GREEN-AND-WHITE-SNOWSTORM-2.jpgJust to annoy everybody, let’s revive a term – “Bohemian”, aka Boho. I’m going to use “Bohemian” because using three or more syllables upsets so many journalists, slavish cultural dogmatists, and the sort of imitation people who browbeat bright kids in school and college. Suck on it, jock scum.

(If you want to drive these infinitely dumbing down peasants absolutely nuts, you need only get to about 10 on the Flesch-Kincaid scale. They foam at the mouth and start writing press releases and other fiction.)

Let’s define Bohemians. Bohemians are their own mental product, not necessarily born or made, developed from some passion or affinity. They’re real people, with real tastes and cultural understanding. They aren’t a demographic as such, another appealing feature. They can’t be classified.

In the drab, primitive, regressive early 21st century, to be a Bohemian is now a very strange cultural position. This position has survived the overload of pseudo-Bohemian dreck of the 20th century quite credibly by ignoring it. It’s interesting to think that a 14 year old Bohemian, born in 2000, has more cultural stamina than most major media outlets. Continue reading