Where are the civilized people?


Wasp2People may find it hard to believe, but there was a time when obsessions and neuroses weren’t the sole basis of society. People had civilized intellectual lives, something few people have today. They had interests other than watching other people, and did something themselves. They even had something to talk about.

Some background:

The things civilized people didn’t admire included –

  • People weren’t obsessed with money and sex. These weren’t the sole topics of conversation. Nor were they the sole reason for social contact.
  • People weren’t proud of their ignorance. General knowledge was an expectation.
  • Criminals weren’t heroes and didn’t run countries. They were expensive minor nuisances.
  • People didn’t talk about religion, and minded their own business about your beliefs.
  • Illiteracy wasn’t a criterion for status. It was either a disability or proof of stupidity.
  • “Success” meant actual, unique achievement, not a return to the caves with some dismal, boring, collection of tales about battles with spreadsheets.
  • Politics was seen in its true light of employment for the useless and sycophantic. It was for the dummies in the family.

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