The brats of the 2016 election – Grow up, America


Wasp2This would have to be the most inelegant election campaign since forever in the US. What are they voting for, whose tantrums are better? As though it’s not bizarre enough that some section of the US public assumes its limited choices of some rich slumfucker over others, the level of “debate” has gone back to grade school at best, hell at worst.

(Like “coarse wanguage”, do you, brats? Want a few lessons, pig sucker boys? You talk like wannabe frat fags, even when you’re trying to shock. What, are you pretending to be real people? Peasant trash. You’re an embarrassment to democracy.)

The 2016 election is going to be hell, whatever happens. The GOP has brought this mess on itself. That said, the wider US is now bringing the equivalent on itself. This is the nadir of American democracy, in so many ways. Maybe “nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American people”, but the country’s been in much better shape, and much less broke. Take the 1% out of the picture, and you’ve got a pretty sorry-looking nation, economically and in real terms.

Who needs reality anyway, when you've got American media?

Who needs reality anyway, when you’ve got American media?

How much verbiage is going to cure America’s woes in 2016? Do you really believe you’re going to Disneyland? Doesn’t matter how much word-crap you apply; the last 30 plus years of social and economic abuse isn’t susceptible to persuasion. How many tacky little statements will cure the TB problem, medical bankruptcies, pollution, plagues of other issues, and everything else?

Seems the Cliché Factory is big on non-statements and unsupported rhetoric. Can you make a corpse great again? Can you go back to Camelot and watch I Love Lucy again? Do slogans ever mean anything? “Yes We Can” turned in to “…But We Don’t Wanna” in Congress. The entire electoral and governance process is now a zoo for the most trivial vermin.

How can anyone believe that these empty KFC bucket-screwing cockroach droppings will ever do a damn thing? They never have. This herd of vaginal maggots hides in privilege, coming out to claim messiah status every four years. 2016 is just another year for self-enrichment.

How naïve can you be, to assume that everything will get better if you simply believe in more claptrap from the depths of some damn political marketers’ lazy brains? You really think these smug scum can manage America’s ever-more-excruciating global and national issues? They can barely put their own speeches together or get to the end of a sentence without minders and TV production.

Imagine a Trump-like shopping list:

  • Refer to greatness.
  • Refer to genitalia.
  • Equate the two.
  • Insult a few people on principle, if for no other reason.
  • Win primary.

Now imagine a GOP shopping list:

  • Ask Tea Party for permission to go to the bathroom and ask for discount. (Whee!)
  • Try to find out what’s happening in primaries.
  • Run away.
  • Make a few more speeches to a dazed audience, then run away again.

Pretty damn unimpressive.

An American shopping list:

  • Enjoy the crime and poverty.
  • Try to remember what that thing with the stars and stripes does.
  • Spend some quality time trying to find relevance in anything you see or hear.
  • Retreat in to madness or porn.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Where? When? America has forgotten who and what it is. The glory days are now folklore. This is no longer the 20th century. The Greatest Generation took that world with them and it’s not coming back anytime soon. This isn’t Rebel Without A Cause; it’s November 22, 1963, repeated endlessly. This time it’s America getting assassinated, every day of the week, by authentic vermin unfit to fall out of the ass of a Wall Street statue.

Grow up, you stupid bastards. This is not a drill. Stupidity is giga-expensive, not funny. A pack of slimy simpering sycophants isn’t a team of fighters. Remember, in any game of poker, there are always losers. There’s always a last card, the one you’re stuck with. You can hold, fold, or find a game you can win. You don’t have to play the game at all.