1918-2018, or Why World War One is part of your life, too


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2World War One was the death of a prosperous, relatively happy world. If you read the biographies of people who fought in that war, you’ll see something very familiar  – The loss of a world of youth, and its replacement by a hideous world of ideologies and political insanities. Everyone who fought in that war resented it, and what it did to their lives in so many ways.

The sheer madness of World War One was a guide to the future in so many ways:

Ridiculous basis for a war: The Archduke who was shot and triggered the war was one of the progressives, trying to address the issues for which he was assassinated. It was a sad event, certainly, but not a good reason for an estimated 20 million deaths and four years of mass human misery. There was no reason for this war at all, on any rational basis. One authority comments that the most striking cause for the war was the sheer mediocrity of the people involved, office boys with no clue about warfare or its possibilities, or how to stop a war from happening.

Maniacal conduct of the war: Even those who assumed a war was inevitable never predicted the results. The sheer slaughter of World War One is still statistically as bad as later wars in terms of massacring combatants, usually to achieve absolutely nothing of military or political value. People were walking in to literal hails of machine gun and artillery fire, and they just kept doing it. Millions were killed, and many more maimed for life. The only people who benefited were the arms manufacturers. Everyone else lost.

The most vague political concepts of the war: By 1915, Europe and Russia were annihilating their soldiers at thousands per day, with no clear view of what was to be achieved except “victory”, at the price of an entire generation. Even the Vietnam War doesn’t quite reach this level of mindless obsession.

Social catastrophes: The Russian Revolution, the creation of a maimed and barely viable Germany, and the legacy of Britain’s horrendous war costs were the catalysts for a disgusting, politically corrupt future and the endless local wars of today.  1918 was the benchmark for political failures of all kinds, and the predecessor of “austerity”, that worldwide obscenity, in its first form.

Hijacking democracy: The rise of Fascism, Nazism and Communism date from 1918, too. Ultra-capitalism in the US the early “1%” and the Depression consolidated capitalism in the West as the so-called antithesis of the anti-democratic movements. In practice, capitalism enforced another form of anti-democracy, the hijacking of government by the big capitalists. The New Deal dealt only with the physical problems, not the venal, verminous mindsets which contaminate the world now.

Propaganda and disinformation: Fake news is nothing new. During and after World War One, it became a science, and the basis for Orwell’s 1984. By 1946, it was a standard tool of governments. Some people still fail to recognise that Big Brother is a stagnant, self-limiting, self-oppressing society, dedicated to preserving its owners, not the society.

Ideological warfare in war and peace: The ideologies which sprouted like diseases from World War One’s gigantic cemeteries were arguably worse than the war. These were the excuses for genocide, fire bombing, mass executions, and the vast human disasters in Europe and Asia. Even colonial genocides didn’t reach these industrial scales of mass murder.

Yes, World War One is your problem in 2018

If you’re one of those people who believes that nothing which happened before you were born is relevant to you, you’re very wrong. The map of human misery as it now exists was made in 1918. A war which never needed to happen at all caused it all.

There’s no reason to believe that so many prosperous countries would have torn each other, and themselves, to pieces and set the scene for the 20th century’s hideous “entertainments”. The Holocaust, the Great Depression, and the Cold War could never have happened without World War One.

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Germany, a middle class country in normal times, could never have been the scene for Nazism without the Treaty of Versailles which sent it broke even before the Depression. Global colonialism would have come and gone on its own. Social changes and improvements for the poor were already happening in the West, and percolating to the East. Before World War One, there were no fanatics running nations. Even when the Russian and Chinese Revolutions first happened, they were led by moderates and academics, not fanatics and criminals.

Science couldn’t have been so easily diverted to military industrial uses, either. World War One turned basic technologies in to high value commercial assets. War, in effect, became truly profitable, and easy to distribute, worldwide. No prizes for seeing the modern parallels and their equally repulsive ramifications.

The same methods, the same stupidity and same basic mindsets are still in play. They’re like some sort of rotting corpse centre stage at a wedding which never quite happens. For some reason, these ugly bastard children of World War One are still calling the shots, a century later.

World War One As Part of Your Life? Yes. Lucky You.

Those who don’t learn from history are fools at best, traitors to humanity at worst. Look and learn. History is the greatest horror stories ever written, and you’re in it, whether you like it or not. NONE of the problems have been solved. If you don’t recognise history as a threat, you may well become history well before your time.



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The fake society


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2Just when you think stupidity, hypocrisy, and delusion are career assets, they’re not. They’re scripted. Modern fakery must be spontaneous, and basically genetically inherited. You need to be born useless, pig-ignorant, and at least trying to be subhuman to make a career out of it. Result, a fake society.

One thing media does religiously, and very like a religion, is to be fully in tune with whatever lump of rotting meat it’s producing at any given moment. The latest dead fashions must be worn, praised and forgotten, preferably all at the same time.  Humanity comes along for the ride.

Being a fake has been an acceptable career move since “emotional intelligence”, the move to being an obliging little doormat in the workplace. Simultaneously job seekers were being encouraged to take acting classes to do better in interviews. (Like a hiring decision already decided in a phone call four weeks before the interview will be affected by an acting performance.)

The justification, of course, is “fitting in”. This is how a fake society is created. As someone who has never made the slightest attempt to fit in with anyone or anything since birth, I can appreciate that for what it is. Deep spiritual personal cowardice. Kids faking it to get along with other kids goes back to the trees, or more likely back to the Cambrian. Adults doing ridiculous things to fit in to environments they hate is basically normal.

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Creativity can never be fake. Nor can anything productive. A fake society is by definition not creative, and unproductive

Imagine getting along with your predators…. And going to such lengths to do it. Fake people, let alone fake societies, rarely survive. Even fakery has a shelf life, and it’s usually very short.

The fake society is the inevitable result. Fakery itself is fake. For example – There is no such thing as fake news. It’s either news, or it’s not. It’s either real or it’s not. Those too stupid, or too gutless to check deserve whatever they get.

In the same context, there’s either a society or there’s not. From the look of most societies, there shouldn’t be the societies which do exist, let alone the miserable snivelling things pretending to be societies.

Can modern societies really claim to be societies, some sort of organized group of people with a common cause and common interests?


Any pretence of coherent society in that form is long gone.

They’re “real” fake societies, in which paid peasants preach division and hatred of social groups, races, and individuals. These people preach hate and troll because they’re paid to do it. It’s a job. They also do it to compensate themselves for their own fakeries, their own failure to exist on their own terms. Only fake people CAN make fake societies. Nothing is real, nothing is trustworthy, and nothing is believable.

Fake is failure. You can’t even be a real person. It’s not you that’s being successful. It’s a fake person, doing fake things for fake reasons. That which is fake can never be real. Game over, clowns.

So tell me, O noble gutless wonders and non-existent nobodies – What if something real happens to you? How much fake bullshit do you need to stop a bullet, an earthquake, or a hurricane? Let’s find out.

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam, Paul Wallis books

Why we should be paid to read the “news”



Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2False news be damned. The real news isn’t much better. It’s a tale of a failed civilization. Worthless rich animals parading around a disaster area from pole to pole being “important”. Meaningless, do-nothing statements galore. Fanatical fools of all kinds. Organized crime up to the armpits, aided and abetted by governments. The news is more like an obituary at the world’s expense.

Civilizations fall for one reason and one reason only – Mismanagement. It weakens them to the point they simply fall apart. It doesn’t really matter how they’re mismanaged; the effect is the same. They lack the cohesion to resist their falls. All else follows.

When governments aren’t governments, they’re actual crimes in progress. Leadership, there is none. Just a few tiresome hacks reciting old dogmas and playing with public money, giving it to each other and themselves like it was their own. Their stupidity, mediocrity and illiteracy is confirmed with every word they say and everything they do.

World War 3 is now obsolete. It’s unnecessary. A few more decades of this level of maladministration in this high population mass and total failure will do the job, probably better than weapons.

Didn’t know that, eh?

I’m not going to do an analysis. There’s no need. It’s obvious how badly the whole idea of civilization has failed at all levels. The news is like a sports commentary – “Yes, the horse is running up its own arse”, and variations which mean basically the same thing.

When experts spend time hiding behind quotes from others, they’re not experts. They’re not even thinking. The easy out is to cite references to everything but facts, and that’s the language of the times.

When people “believe” anything and everything without even understanding the basics, it’s not belief. It’s self-fraud. It’s the admission of total incomprehension, too, another drastic self-harm methodology you can get online anywhere. When it applies to “news”, it’s mass self-fraud and self-harm.

If humanity ever expects to get out of this dunghill it’s built over itself, the only option is honesty about the hard facts. Anyone expecting a sudden outbreak of honesty? I ask because without realism you can’t achieve competence. Without competence, you’ve got no chance of doing anything right.

How many physical functions can you see in this one picture? Trillions, in fact, from atoms to macro structures, and all working together. Now, imagine an “intelligent life form” which doesn’t even get the basics. Still feeling brilliant?

News, as everyone knows, is a commodity, as much as it is information, whatever the quality of that information. Bullshit futures should be way up. So should disingenuous futures. Anything which is utterly useless is highly valued; that includes people, ideas and dribbling policies based on simple-minded money grabs.

If there’s a certain justice in the fact that the people making billions by destroying future generations before they’re born could be making trillions by not destroying them. There’s more justice to be had from the ridiculous come and go news which is instantly contradicted, or simply fades in to the oblivion it deserves.

So – How to get paid for reading the news without being a paid troll?

  1. You could bet on which new disaster will be announced, or which country is going to fall to pieces next, etc.
  2. Bullshit subsidies. News organizations could pay readers for reading specific information, in cash or reward points, etc. Appropriate, at least, when you bear in mind they’re reading about the next death threat from global incompetence.
  3. This is the currency of publishers. Non-news is published for that reason. Why not bribe the readers, too.
  4. “Applause money”. Pay readers to say how great the news reporting is. Requires no honesty or other difficult to obtain personal resources.
  5. “Youth culture allowance”. Pay kids to absorb the culture of necrosis. Don’t think of it as news; think of it as a sort of gangrene.

Well, trash? Will that save your ridiculous business models and your gutless selves? Will you be able to bleat on uselessly for a few more decades with help from paid readers?

I’ll give humanity 50 more years. Fail now, and you fail forever. Why would a pack of dishonest, gullible, naive, “evil” little fools get a second chance? You might as well pay the readers, because they’re as likely to go extinct as you are.

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam, Paul Wallis books

How to beat fake news


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamThe fake news plague which hit pandemic levels during the US election is still going on, in slightly reduced, but equally nasty, ways. There are ways of beating this disgusting crap, and they’re pretty simple.

Fake news is based on:

  • Attacking other people or groups, directly or indirectly.
  • Appeals to sympathy, prejudice, and political perspectives.
  • Specific features of a “crime” or “event” which mirror hate speech.
  • “News” which just happens to coincide with a recent statement by some public figure.
  • Combinations of the above, in any form.

The immortal Celts in EnglandLet’s not get too cute about this. Bad things happen in this world. It’s just they don’t usually happen quite so conveniently, at all the right times, in conjunction with speeches or propaganda campaigns.

Real news also doesn’t come in cookie-cutter form. It has specific characteristics. Every story is different enough to be an actual event, not a made-up one.

The basic counter to fake news is “Don’t instantly believe anything without corroboration.” There’s usually a lot of collateral evidence to any real story. This is a fundamental principle of real journalism.

For example:

If an accident happened, there will be:

  • Actual victims
  • Ambulances
  • Police in attendance
  • Blocked roads and traffic backing up
  • Local coverage, and other coverage, will be around the story.
  • Witnesses saying pretty much the same thing but with different views based on where they were at the time.

A reporter would check with a local hospital to see how many people were admitted. Local police would make a statement, usually not much, but confirming some details.  All of this information is findable in about 15 minutes, if you know where to look.

Defining fake news

Fake news, however, comes with little or no corroboration and some “interesting” sources:

  • None, or barely any of the corroboration as happens with a real news story is present.
  • Fake news tends to be sensational, usually at a well-known person or group.
  • Usual themes are crimes, sex, or something “immoral” by community standards.
  • Allegations, usually baseless but damaging, are normal for fake news.
  • Whatever is reported will come out of the blue, with no real background.
  • It breaks from minor league sources, or sources affiliated with someone or something.
  • Nobody else covers it. It’s standalone, most of the time.
  • Sources are vague or badly defined, and tend to be similar publications in terms of what they publish and why they publish it.
  • A surge of copycat “anger” emerges, everyone using the same phrases and keywords. Trolls will emerge like a microwave timer, right on time to go viral with something that never happened at all.

Pretty damn simple, isn’t it?

Ads_Cover_for_KindleSo are the people who make fake news. These are the panel beaters of fake realities. They aim for the lowest common denominator, which means they can’t miss hitting someone. They’re the self-proclaimed good guys, defending the public from a non-existent threat.

If you check their other “work”, it will be a patchwork of similar sewer-grade “news”. They’re career fakes. Hit any link, with your anti-virus up to date, and you’ll see a sort of Diary of a Wannabe Journalist, big stories and everything, all fake news.

Most of them are paid fakes. Few people would do this if they weren’t paid to do it.

It’s so bizarre that even American media, that bus stop to pornography for morons, expects decent money for it.

Beating fake news

To beat fake news:

  • Don’t simply believe things. Check them out.
  • Who else is covering it? Nobody, or just the usual suspects? Probably fake.
  • How much of the story is real, and how much is pure ranting?
  • Hearsay isn’t news. How much of it comes from those actually involved?
  • Allegations are allegations, not news. Accusations aren’t law, either.
  • Are there other, consistent, bits of information which back up the story?

It’ll save you a lot of aggravation.

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam, Paul Wallis books