Hysteria fatigue – How global hysteria has gone out of style


Wasp2A lot of market wisdom, PR, and social media logic is based on hysteria. This is the knee jerk response, the herd instinct, rabble rousing, viral, etc. approach to public statements and information. Overkill to the point of hysteria beyond rational debate is another, and it’s fair to say that the general move is away and beyond this mentality.

Ironically, the human race, which has now been subjected to management by hype and hysteria for a very long time, thousands of years, in fact, has had quite enough. Better still, it’s doing something about it, for a nice change.

These are just a few crises in recent years:

  • 911
  • Sub primes
  • Massive recession in 2008
  • Ongoing job losses in all traditional employment sectors
  • Housing affordability
  • Education, or lack of it, and related policies
  • Health issues and drug prices
  • EU debt crisis
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Islamic State and terror attacks
  • Ukraine/Crimea
  • Trump and related policies
  • China’s South China Sea islands
  • China’s and the world’s hideous pollution problems
  • African Ebola outbreak
  • Corporate fraud vs Main Street
  • Syrian war
  • US Congressional gridlock, now starting its third decade of total failure
  • BP oil spill
  • Hurricane Katrina and the dismal FEMA response
  • Chinese economy slowdown affecting markets
  • Droughts, fires, and other disasters
  • California/West coast water crisis

Most people affected by these crises, all of which are still having significant impacts today would say, with good reason and rightly, that they’re not hysterical. They’re not. It’s the hysteria of management which is more of an issue than the actual problems. Continue reading