You have been taught, therefore you think you’ve learned? How dumb are you?


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2The education craze, bizarre as it is, works on the theory that you become a super-being after getting your college degree, and that you have “learned”. WRONG. Except at the higher levels, where you’re obliged to actually think, you’re basically being checked to see if you’ve absorbed whatever you’ve been taught.

At great expense, and in the US with a few therapeutic shootings, you emerge refreshed, enlightened, and able to take on the world. Like hell.

Your education can be at any standard, rubber stamped by an apathetic/ shell shocked education profession which is itself drowning in the stupidity of basic education policies. The few pitiful remnants of academic culture cling on to the glory days of quiet insularity, however illusory.

So you’ve learned something, have you? You can only have learned what some tiresome committee could be bothered to put in the syllabus. You can only have learned to the ever-lowering standards of education, anyway.

This is a book about learning. READ IT. It’ll save you a lot of time.

Your teachers, god help them, are stuck with this. Even Da Vinci couldn’t teach well in this environment. Most will make a real effort to teach at least a bit beyond the straitjackets. The best teachers will inject/inflict as much realism as possible in to their disciplines to avoid the risks of a collection of starry eyed graduates entering the blender of professional life unprepared.

You’ve done some experience, inevitably. Does that experience not teach you that you still have a hell of a lot to learn, particularly about how money behaves in the professions? You make a point of trying to be as un-naïve as possible, rightly so. Can you be?

Meanwhile the disaster known as planet Earth continues to stagger around like a drunken clown, mismanaged, maladministered, and deformed beyond reason in practical terms in just about all respects.

You’ve learned that? You can see that. Doesn’t mean you understand it, or have learned how to dodge the bullets.

You can see the endless cascades of new knowledge which will ultimately submerge your current level of teaching and learning. Can you work with this new knowledge, or do you have to learn how? Have you learned how to do that?

The greatest mistake in learning anything is to fail to realize how much more there is to learn. Science is about the unknown, not the known. Any fool can recite whatever’s trying to pass itself off as knowledge. The truly educated can learn the unknown, explore the options, and effectively create knowledge.

That’s learning.  Do NOT, EVER, assume superior knowledge, because all knowledge evolves. In some cases, it evolves to refute prior knowledge, and beyond recognition from any point of prior knowledge.

To quote Clausewitz:

Pity the theory which sets itself in opposition to the mind! 

Theories do NOT learn; they teach. It’s the mind that learns – To go beyond the theories. Sufficient hint?

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Yes, America, you’re as dumb as you think you are


American ValhallaSaw in The New York Times today – “Are we unraveling?” Is America unraveling? You haven’t got the social fabric to make a cardigan for a termite.

You’ve gone from Somewhere Over the Rainbow to Somewhere Under the Indictments. Great move.

Screw tact. The time for tact is long gone.

Let’s get down to cases:

  1. You’ve got a virtual domestic war on your hands in terms of crime, race crimes, etc. which is doing more damage than Vietnam every year.
  2. Your health system is a mass murdering, ridiculously overpriced, chaos.
  3. Your education system is now a contradiction in terms.
  4. You have whole cities going bankrupt in the municipal bonds rackets which you’ve done nothing about for years.
  5. Your finance sector is insane beyond the dreams of conspiracy theories.
  6. The whole country is one big overpriced theme park for organized crime.
  7. Not one damn disaster has been properly managed in decades.
  8. You have a collection of unsanitary clowns for whom the only known policy for decades is tax cuts for the rich.
  9. Your media acts like a sort of whining mechanism in which pontifications about disasters take precedence over facts. Forget “Fourth Estate” – You can’t count that high any more.
  10. The most absurd lies can be sold as fact in any American media outlet.
  11. Corruption is the only real growth industry; the maggots just get bigger and more bizarre.
  12. Your political positions are now based on credulity, not credibility.
  13. Pollution and toxins are now endemic and you do nothing.
  14. Your deep emotional need to lose wars matches your total indifference to suffering veterans, and you call yourselves patriots.
  15. Any absolute lie can now be used as the actual basis of policies of all kinds.
  16. The most progressive, forward thinking nation in history now doesn’t even know where either itself, or the rest of the planet, might be.
  17. No ideals are left from the great days. Not one. The poor the sick and the huddled masses are totally screwed, and screwed again.
  18. There is no society. Communities are just groups drawn together by disasters.
  19. You can’t even get clean water in to homes in California and Michigan.
  20. Whatever is proposed will be turned in to a disaster.
  21. Congress no longer even pretends to be able to work at all.
  22. Plagues of serious medical conditions are now normal.
  23. Mass murders are now daily events nationwide.
  24. You believe any damn thing you see or hear from 2D commentators, but disbelieve expert analysis of any kind.
  25. Having destroyed the America that was, you think it’ll be coming back, like some sort of messiah.
  26. Total failure is the norm; it’s just more expensive.
  27. Your pitiful, comatose “leadership” doesn’t even need to pretend to get anything right any more.
  28. You’re told to hate and despise other Americans on a continual basis and you just do what you’re told. Rugged individualism? Shameless gutlessness.
  29. You’re living in a vacuum, and complaining about not having a say in things when you can’t even breathe.
  30. There is no vision for the future, and you’re wondering why you keep blundering in to more problems.

NYFW1Now the good news – I’m pro-American. It’s the most unfashionable, thankless thing to be these days in any kind of media, on any subject. I’m pro the America that actually was great, not this disgusting cretin factory. You think Donny Boy, a few groveling idiots and Wall Street can deliver that? Yes, you’re a moron.

To me America at its best is still a benchmark for national overachievement and real prosperity. The fact that you’ve blown it so thoroughly and so stupidly is the main issue.

Let’s do a scale – If America in its heyday was 100, modern America is about 19, and reducing rapidly. Some of the good things, like the science and occasional genuine individual brilliance remain, mainly because the obsessive morons aren’t involved. (These fields are seriously contaminated with sycophants and executive trash, but they still work, erratically.)

America’s DIY self-obliteration is a sight to see – If you think roadkills are worth looking at.  The micro-intellects infesting every aspect of business, industry and politics are the antibiotic resistant parasites doing the damage.

…And you keep right on tolerating it.

Let’s translate a few statements from America’s history in to modern frames of reference:

  • Government by the people – These are people? Since when?
  • For the people – Sure…When? Not since the Depression.
  • America the Beautiful – America the Brattish and proud of it.
  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – None of these, for decades.
  • Freedom of speech – The right to be shouted down and ignored by any subhuman skank jerk on a 9 figure media contract.
  • Home of the Brave – Home of the criminals.
  • Pursuit of excellence – Obsession with the mediocre.
  • We hold these truths to be self-evident – Unless we’re actually prosecuted for what we do with these truths.
2016 US elections, sydney media jam

Who needs reality anyway, when you’ve got American media?

…. So tell me, idiots, how’re you doing? Yes, you are as stupid as that. What are you going to do about it? Absolutely nothing, so far. You’re now experts in blame, rather than achievements. Whatever goes wrong next will be someone else’s fault. Isn’t that nice? Of course it is, you fuckwits. It’s the perfect excuse for failure, and it works every time.

The solution, and you shouldn’t need to be told –

  • Lose the damn system. It’s killing you, every second. Get the important things in to the hands of the talented people, not the deal-making corpses who’d sell their kids for firewood if they could get a decent price for them.
  • Create new things and new accessible useful things that don’t have to be subject to the whims and tantrums of every overpaid nutcase in the country.
  • Give away food, jobs, health services, education and housing. No law against it. If there’s a gift tax, do it as a co-op or something too complicated for the gerbils to understand.
  • Let the 1% gibber and drool on about being rich – Anything which distracts Crazy Rich America and their servile pets and keeps them busy with the Great Vacuum of Life has to be good for everyone else. They belong in care facilities, so keep them happy in their expensive, mindless slums.
  • Isolate the nuts in irrelevant occupations like protecting the interests of dead sectors. They’re used to that; they’ll never even notice the difference.
  • Basically, exclude the stupidity – It’s only dangerous when it’s compulsory.

I’m not going to write this again. I’ve been doing a lot of journalism, and I’ve had more than enough of writing about stupidity, which is the main topic of modern journalism. You have a very bad, but very fixable problem. If you don’t fix it, you get what you deserve.

One more thing, specifically for my own side of the fence – Don’t pretend to be progressive if you never progress. Rhetoric means nothing. Hype is just hype. Facts matter; nothing else does. Get that straight, and you might get somewhere.

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Their phoniest hour? Who needs political government?


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam governmentHaving basically destroyed the UK as a viable nation, the heroes of Brexit have mounted their white vacuum cleaners and sailed off into a justly deserved oblivion. Government is now about who manages the corpse.  In America, Congress has long since ceased to be a house of legislation and become a house of tantrums and obfuscation.

In Australia, we’re wondering if we need a government. Paying people to do everything wrong isn’t really considered much of an asset. If we wanted to cash in our government for hard money, we could maybe buy a juicer, or something.

Conservatism, previously the traditionalist approach to politics, is now just skank politics, available from any PR company. It no longer represents nations, cultures, creeds, or anything else.

The solution to everything, from wars to diseases, is to cut taxes. This should be done while destroying the economy, the revenue base and any other socialist risks. Other people don’t need money – All they need is to know that cutting taxes is the only way to do anything.

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam, governmentProgressive politics, appropriately enough, isn’t really about politics, even in theory. It’s about trying to get politicians to do something about progressive issues like education, health, social sanity, crime, poverty, pollution… add dictionary here.

Expecting a political system, which is by definition divided and divisive, to make decisions about anything is asking for slow progress. Western politics in general is a surefire recipe for doing nothing, and doing it very badly. The political system has rarely worked well, if at all, and shows no sign of improvement.

The last 50 years of decline have been all about going backwards. “Government” seems to have nothing to do with progress at all.

For example:

  • At the very moment it’s possible to educate people very efficiently and cheaply online, online education is out of the question. College fees are ridiculously high. Costs to educational institutions are also absurdly high. Politics obstructs the education which could make people much richer and more economically productive.
  • At a time of massive medical research breakthroughs, medicine is insanely expensive. People are going broke for no reason other than having medical conditions. Politicians simply obstruct medical research for the least credible of reasons and refuse to fund health care for the very people who pay the taxes.
  • At a time when housing can be designed down to individual welds, housing is becoming a crisis issue around the world. Quality of housing is also very debatable. It’s a matter of opinion whether more housing is falling down than being built. Is there a debate? It’s not even a subject for discussion in politics.
  • At a time when better science is able to reverse pollution, prevent it, recycle it, and do everything except teach it to tap dance, what’s being done about it? Zip. The politicians aren’t educated enough to understand the issues, which are killing millions of people every year.

Politics has a default reaction to all current issues, which is to ignore the public entirely and do nothing. In general, most politicians aren’t mentally equipped, or trained, to deal with current issues. They’re trained to deal with the previous generation’s issues, which they do equally badly and haphazardly.

Arguably, the only reason anyone or anything is still left alive on Earth is because politicians aren’t directly involved in the process of living. They certainly don’t seem to be alive themselves.

Government for the people – Easy enough

Paul Wallis books, sydney media jam

This book is all about creative ideas. Nobody has yet died of reading it, but it’s a pretty tough call for those not familiar with working with ideas.

The need is for competent administration, not politics. The mindlessly rich can be easily satisfied with a few more bucks for their addiction. The corporate non-people can be recycled in to possible humans.

Then maybe everyone can get on with their lives. Three generations of total disaster and regression has nothing going for it. The world can’t function with uneducated people. The world needs competent people. Nor can it function by spending endless billions and trillions supporting the whims, wars and wanking of obsolete idiots.

Forget politics. Laws can be passed by fully competent, socially aware people, too. Nobody gives a damn where their money comes from, as long as they have what they need. The only representation needed is that which directly represents your needs. Your rights should be literally inalienable, as well as theoretically so.

Generic government, in fact, has nothing to do with politics. It’s about real daily operations, not ideologies. Regulation is required mainly to provide a rule book for personal rights. Disputes can be settled more efficiently by competent people than political grandstanding.

Let their phoniest hour be their last. Abolish politics entirely and create functional societies and accountable operational governments. After all, how much worse could it get, and who wants to find out? The only real democracy is one that actually works. This isn’t it. New model, now.

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Civilization failure imminent – So what’s new?


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamAll previous civilizations have fallen. This pathetic chicken coop of an attempt at a civilization is apparently determined to achieve oblivion, whatever the cost.

Consider the average chicken coop – It’s full of birds which lay eggs, occasionally get eaten, and when not shitting all over their environment, peck each other and make life difficult for other chickens. Human birdbrains are delivering much the same effect, and they actually think it’s normal.

Nor do chickens spend a lot of time thinking about their next moves, which may be either in to the pot or into egg-laying gulags. As Brexit just proved so efficiently, thought about what happens next is now almost illegal in human societies. No planning, just some pointless collection of obsolete geriatric eunuchs trying to secede from their responsibilities.

Chickens can’t be accused, however, of destroying the future. You remember the future – That thing you’re not supposed to understand which will come along in whatever disorganized, putrescent mess the past allows. Continue reading

Dear alien archaeologists


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamHi, alien archaeo-buffs. You may be wondering how Homo Sapiens, aka the dumbest species ever to exist, went extinct. It’s a pretty strange tale. You may also be surprised to know they weren’t always dumb.

The fact that the dinosaurs, which didn’t even have air conditioning, lasted so much longer than a species techno-pandered to death, says a lot. Early humans were a lot mentally and physically tougher and a lot more practically-minded than their descendants.

The learning process, in fact, was the tale of humans from start to finish. In the beginning, they learned and retained knowledge. They knew what it was for. The development of fire, building, weapons, tribal societies, trade and agriculture were all useful and productive.

They went from being a prey species in Africa to global top predators. They became a true multi-environmental species, even during an Ice Age. The combination of necessity and learning was quite enough to produce the first civilizations.

Ironically, it was civilization which started to unravel the practical mindsets. The survival-based thinking gave way to luxuries and other nonessentials. Civilizations fell, routinely, largely due to mismanagement, the exact opposite of practical thinking.

Fortunately, the barbarians which produced the subsequent civilizations weren’t so insane. They retained the practical mentalities of the past, and the learning systems, to a large extent. Barbarians don’t have “civilizations”, but they do have cultures. Those cultures were much more like their ancestors – Aggressive, practical to any required degree, opportunistic and very much more virile than the civilized peoples.

Continue reading

Devaluing wealth and calling it capitalism


corporate dynamicOne of the things that makes “saving the world for plutocracy” so amusing is the fact that so many of these so-called capitalists have been devaluing their own wealth so effectively. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Australia, where being a millionaire now equates to owning half of a pretty pedestrian home.

The brilliance with which so many alleged business people have managed to increase their own overheads and decrease the value of their revenue is truly spectacular. Clutching the Big Book of Capitalist Clichés, they have managed to effectively destroy the value of their own incomes.

One of the reasons Australia can be considered as a test case for the rest of the world is that the phenomenal lack of originality in basic thinking in the capitalist class is genetic. They are the descendants of money grubbing middle class idiots, the promoters of money-mad, methamphetamine-like idiocy, and quite unable to grasp much more than grade school levels of information. Typical Western non-people, in fact.

Paul Wallis books, sydney media jam, Amazon, The Creative Process

This book is all about creative ideas. Nobody has yet died of reading it, but it’s a pretty tough call for those not familiar with working with ideas.

Like their foreign counterparts, they regurgitate this outdated pabulum as policy, ideology, and even perhaps for mating purposes. (Who knows, who cares?) Privatization in Australia has been a truly monumental exercise in raising costs. Australia in the 1950s was a country suffering from its usual levels of low capitalization, and sharing the cost of communications, energy, et cetera made sense.

At some point, however, it stopped making sense ti someone who realized you could give all these cash cows to themselves and their slug-like little friends. Obviously, if you privatize everything and then crank up the prices and overheads, it’s good business for somebody. Actually it’s good business for sellers and deal makers; for everybody else it’s certain death by degrees, according to what happens to cash flow.

Imagine a situation where in one of the richest countries in the world electricity price increases prompt a woman in a wheelchair to ask whether or not she will be able to afford to recharge her wheelchair. The result, you may ask?

A heartfelt expression by senior politicians of “the end of the age of entitlement” was the net result. Apparently legal entitlements, statutory rights, and other details are not part of this stampede to economic oblivion.

Australia’s politicians are a pretty representative group of modern politicians – Totally insular, usually several generations removed from anything vaguely resembling hardship, and absolutely brainwashed with whatever pointless dogma is being spouted by their peer groups.

Another terrible bogeyman in the form of deflation emerged during the transformation of Australia into an Easter Bunny. Interestingly, the very people who have been squeaking about market forces for at least 30 years don’t like deflation.

Quite rightly, they point out that deflation means a decrease in asset values. The maniacal increases in prices, which have exactly the same effect the minute you try and buy or sell something, however, are quite all right.

Paul Wallis books, Amazon, Dear Buckley

About Australia in the 21st century – It was going to be called Wankers Wonderland, but I thought that was too tactful. “Buckley’s chance”, in Australian slang, means “no chance”.

The fact that deflation may be reflecting the impracticability and unsustainability of prices, of course, was never mentioned. One of the richest countries in the world is now bleating (with good reason) that the next generation will simply not be able to afford to own their own homes. The related issues about insane prices for pigeon coops and a ridiculous employment market in which nobody can expect to have jobs for more than a few years at a time didn’t get a mention, either.

Like just about every other country on Earth, Australia makes a habit of having perfectly good working prosperous economic models and totally destroying those economic models. The working models are replaced with models that don’t work at all, at incredible expense, for no noticeable reason.

Like other Western countries, Australia has managed to make education as inaccessible as possible based on a ridiculous pricing structure and total lack of acknowledgement of the value of skills of any kind. This is despite a multi generational scream from the business sector for trained people. Education rip-offs, dubious service providers, and mindlessly exploding costs are now hitting the fan in the news, but everybody knew about that years ago.

If you’re getting the impression that devaluing your own wealth also involves totally destroying an economy, systematically, over decades, you’re quite right. It took a lot of effort to turn the fantastic economic boom of mid-20th century into the pathetic snivelling farce we see today.

Are we poor enough yet HYFDAY versionMinds of unfathomable mediocrity must’ve been involved in this process. Not only have the basic principles of capitalism been totally misunderstood, but even the basic mechanisms now don’t work properly. To explain – The purpose of capitalism is prosperity, not paying for 40 years of excuses for total failure by people who don’t have the professional or personal credibility to fall out of the rear end of a cockroach.

The pattern is that whatever the stated goal, the exact opposite is what will be achieved, usually far more expensively than originally projected. Public health is probably one of the best examples – For some reason it’s okay to have sick people in the workforce or carrying guns and on the roads. The more money that goes into health, the sicker the society seems to become.

People under 30 may have trouble believing that there was a time when the global society wasn’t full of rich raving lunatics, but it did actually happen. Wars were something people cared about; poverty was an issue, not a mere excuse to pretend that you give a damn about something. Slavery barely existed, pandemics were virtually eradicated, and the overall quality of life, if not spectacular, was reasonably good.

Job page 24The irony is that all this happened at a time when capitalism actually knew what it was doing. At that time, there was such a thing as actual objectivity. The future was supposed to be incredibly prosperous, better than ever, and, well, worth waiting for. This was before the built-in corruption, before the global saturation levels of organised crime, and other current hobbies.

This version of the future, following the formula above, is the exact opposite of expectations. Everything has been devalued, from basic individual lives to macroeconomic fundamentals. There are no longer any realistic expectations of significant positive achievements; this verminous version of the Middle Ages hardly qualifies as a future.

So consider the stinking, futile carcass of the modern world – Devaluation evolves into decay, and dealing with the state of decay evolves into virtual hunter gatherer survival. This is no longer a civilisation – It is a pitiful attempt at human existence with arguably the stupidest rationales ever expressed for its existence.

Having cheered you up with this merry little frolic through the obscenities, an irony – Every single thing mentioned above can be fixed very easily and quite quickly. Anyone slightly more intelligent than a bored rock should be able to figure out how.

Know anyone like that?

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Why there’s no point in talking to conservatives at all


corporate dynamicConservatives used to be real people, not rehashed two dimensional jingles with no opinions of their own about anything. Conservatives used to be all about serious social responsibility.  Now it’s about how many vermin can get on the political gravy train.

Neo conservatism is a sort of endless un-communications workshop, where reciting by rote every single word is the only real agenda.


There’s no such thing as a personal opinion. Everything is pre-scripted. It’s a pretty simple good/bad approach for neo conservatives:

Good (must love)

  • Republicans past and present
  • Deregulation
  • Guns
  • Rich people
  • Wall Street
  • Anti-environmentalism
  • Oil industry
  • Tea Party
  • Kochs
  • Talkback hosts/ FOX
  • Anti-ethnicity of any kind
  • State secession
  • Business of any kind
  • Historical fiction
  • Pharmaceutical prices
  • Rich lifestyles
  • Old people with assets

Bad (must hate)

  • Democrats past and present
  • Regulation
  • Gun laws
  • Poor people
  • Mentioning financial crime of any kind
  • All environmental issues
  • Greenhouse issues, spills, etc.
  • Anyone who disagrees
  • Any reference to human needs
  • Anyone with a different opinion
  • Civil rights/ constitution, etc.
  • Federal government
  • Any mention of corporate crime
  • Historical facts
  • Sick people
  • Homeless people
  • Old people without assets
Paul Wallis books, you're looking sane today, Amazon

Didn’t know that, eh?

This is pretty much how you imprint chickens. Whether you actually believe people are this simple or not, there’s a good, potentially lucrative career in pretending to be so dumb for neo conservatives.

The fact is that none of these issues are negotiable on any level. You can’t be “a bit conservative” any more. Everything is black and white. The super-rich are wonderful and should have more money. The ultra-poor are horrible, and should have less of everything.



  • Any statement made by a conservative politician or commentator is gospel truth; any other statement is just plain wrong.
  • No conservative statement or policy can be questioned, at all, by anyone.
  • It’s a bit like believing in Santa Claus. A conservative will be elected, and there’ll be milk and cookies and Christmas presents for all, like during the Great Depression and the Great Recession.

Now the question – What can you talk to these people about?

  • You quite literally can’t even discuss the weather, which is a socialist conspiracy.
  • You can’t talk about trees and animals, which, like Nature, are sworn enemies of democracy.
  • You can’t talk about the price of meds; it’s your own fault for not being prepared to pay multiples of original costs.
  • If anything at all is said by anyone else, the exact opposite must be true.

Personal perspective regarding conservatives

conservativesIronically, if I wanted to take it easy, I could be a conservative. I’m over-qualified, in fact.  I’m 100% WASP, upper middle class by birth, raised in 1% Land in Australia.  One of my German family distant relatives is a major GOP donor. (There are so few people with this German name (not my surname) that we’re instantly recognizable.)

The problem – I was also raised as a kid to despise social climbers, hypocrites, mob rule, bullies, and cowards.  Strangely enough, as an adult, I do, simply because they are what they are. They’re trash, pure and simple. They don’t belong in buildings, let alone in public office. They’re basically useless, incompetent, and extremely untrustworthy.

This is an example of my perspective in practice:

We had a local politician, a pretty average/ also very parrot-like sitting conservative Member of Parliament who was talking to our neighborhood about an election, and he said, in all cynical innocence: “Well, of course, you people have to vote for us, don’t you?”  He was booted out at the next election. Our 1% Land blue-ribbon conservative electorate elected a socialist, for the first time in living memory.

Translation:  Remember who you’re talking to, you scum. You don’t have to elect these vermin, whatever side they claim to be on.

Point made, I think?


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Why do people continue to wallow in outdated ideas? A theory


Wasp2If there’s one thing the internet does better than anything else, it exposes the sheer antiquity of so many common issues. Hopelessly out of date ideas fester. Ridiculous mindsets seethe. There’s a reason for that, and nobody’s going to like it.

I’ve spent a lot of time listening to “debates” on subjects my parents and their friends were talking about decades ago. It’s incredible to watch these dino-ideas lumbering around, so long after their time. To say that I’m less than impressed is a massive understatement. Genetics, space, science, arts, race, religion, you name it – The reinvention of the wheel of debate about ideas is now a global industry. It’s also arguably the most destructive force on Earth, in terms of improving the human condition.

Why do these hopelessly impractical old ideas still exist at all?

This book is all about creative ideas. Nobody has yet died of reading it, but it's a pretty tough call for those not familiar with working with ideas.

This book is all about creative ideas. Nobody has yet died of reading it, but it’s a pretty tough call for those not familiar with working with ideas.

Why are all these old ideas brought out of their endless closets and paraded around like newborn babies? The technologies have changed, sure, and added some traction to meaningful debate, but these debates aren’t meaningful. They’re obsolete.

They’re also hysterical. It’s axiomatic in human history that ideas are discovered by geniuses, developed by hardheads and cynics, misrepresented to fever pitch by ideologues, and perverted by morons. It’s a particularly dull process.

What’s not usually considered in the process, however, is the very different knowledge bases from which ideas are developed/exploited/lost in hysteria:

  1. The geniuses, rabble that they are, have what could be called “inspired” sources of knowledge.
  2. The hardheads and cynics have pragmatic knowledge bases.
  3. The ideologues are either mindless acceptors of whatever ideas happen to be around, or thinkers with different views based on their usually very eclectic knowledge bases.
  4. The morons simply adapt ideas to their own mindsets and knowledge of whatever degree of obsolescence. “Everything’s OK because a chicken told me so” more or less covers this vacuum.

Symptoms of dysfunction – The knowledge bases of ideas

Mass Media page 1

Media “ideas” – A disease which doesn’t even know it’s a disease.

The knowledge bases, not surprisingly, reflect a lot about the individuals and groups using them. What’s not generally understood is that you can practically track a person’s whole life story by their ideas.

These knowledge bases are sourced from an early age, in specific environments. How you learn says a lot about who you are.

That, in turn, usually relates to socio-economic environments. An extremely unfashionable, but usually pretty accurate, view is that the poor and undereducated are literally decades behind the times. (Many people do react very effectively to these situations, and bravely get themselves out of these environmental graves, but these knowledge bases tend to stick in socio-economic classes.)

This unsightly situation even affects whole nations. Growing up in Australia, I was told by my parents at about age 4 that Australia was usually 20 years behind the US in many areas of thinking and cultural/technical development. How true that was, I learned very soon, to my utter, and in some cases ongoing, disgust.

However, in my observation, the basic rule holds true – Those in disadvantaged circumstances tend to be either unaware of more advanced thinking and ideas, which aren’t directly relevant to them. People raised in those environments, however, are also likely to bring with them the outdated ideas and mindsets of their origins.

Outdated ideas – The plague affecting the world

Mass Media page 5This may seem like a rather expedient, not to say downright snobbish, viewpoint at first glance. The problem is that outmoded ideas do persist, and they are truly toxic. America, the home of the Big Idea in modern history, is awash with absurd anachronisms. Western culture, in its superficial obsession with technologies and fads, lugs around old sitcom ideas and clichés as role models, career paths, and a lifestyle.

(Racism and hate, two of the nastiest and most destructive idea spectrums on Earth, are good examples. Logically – It’s none of your damn business who someone else’s ancestors were. The rest of the world wasn’t born for your, or anyone else’s, approval. Yet that insular, impractical, useless range of ideas is the sole basis of so many so-called ideologies, poisoning the human environment for centuries.)

It’s hard to imagine a more useless scenario. These ideas aren’t just out of date – They’re major liabilities in practice. New ideas are too unfamiliar for easy processing in this museum of thinking. That slows down their adoption.

Mass Media page 3Hiding behind “norms” of thinking is also the working basis of anti-intellectualism. This is idea-phobia, as much as a totally dysfunctional approach to reality. New ideas take over; if you’re behind the eight ball when they kick in, you’re likely to stay there, be left behind, or have to undergo an arduous, thankless, process of catching up.

It’s not a pretty picture, and it’s not that simple. It’s quite natural, and reasonable, to hold on to ideas you like; these tend to be trusted ideas, perspectives, and useful ways of thinking. Ironically, in this putrid mess of anachronisms, some older ideas stand up quite well.

The problem is that some people can’t make the distinction between the utterly useless ideas and the ones that still hold true. They’re certainly not trained to think like that. Basic thinking, like metaphysics and core rational logic, have been left out. How do you criticize an idea with no working logic to help you? You can’t use a calculator on these things.

Education is a mixed blessing in this regard. You can teach, sure, but any teacher will tell you that some ideas simply aren’t learned, let alone taken up as working models. Many ideas simply aren’t understood, simply because they’re too far removed from individual realities.

You have to wonder why this book is STILL so far ahead of "debate" so many years later. A classic case of the current thinking being so far behind previous thinking.

You have to wonder why this book is STILL so far ahead of “debate” so many years later. A classic case of the norm being so far behind previous thinking.

You could argue that religions persist simply because they’re inaccessible ideals. The human mind doesn’t seem to mind grabbing hopeful ideas, however vague and badly expressed. Political “ideals”, (contradiction in terms) however much proven to be no more than hot air, are accepted as options for various reasons, with whatever level of belief. People in hideous circumstances don’t refuse hope, however insincere those offering it may be.

(One of the reasons I don’t make a habit of attacking the religions despite plenty of provocation and seemingly endless just causes is because sometimes they’re all some people have. Much as I despise the hypocrisy and general practical uselessness of religions, who’s to begrudge people a little peace and hope?)

So – Ideas of all ages, in one unholy, impractical potpourri of mutual abrasions. Progressive people often don’t get old style thinking. Old style ideas seem ridiculous. Old style ideas, in turn, often ignore anything which conflicts with them.

Bottom line – Outdated thinking will persist and continue to obstruct, until new ideas are made more accessible, and above all, more meaningful. Media can do that, and usually doesn’t. Nor do the “intellectual elites” seem to be particularly useful in that regard. Our heroic “thought leaders” seem to feel that their ideas have precedence, regardless of their own total lack of achievements in the wider world. Marketing can promote new ideas, and usually does so incredibly badly. You can promote a Playstation game in a future world, but not a real human future? Grim.

If you want people to understand new ideas, explain them. Show them to be practical in real terms. Make the ideas usable, not some distant manifestation of yet another inaccessible fountain of wisdom outside personal experience. Get on with it. Humanity can’t live in a state of built-in mental constipation forever.

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Hysteria fatigue – How global hysteria has gone out of style


Wasp2A lot of market wisdom, PR, and social media logic is based on hysteria. This is the knee jerk response, the herd instinct, rabble rousing, viral, etc. approach to public statements and information. Overkill to the point of hysteria beyond rational debate is another, and it’s fair to say that the general move is away and beyond this mentality.

Ironically, the human race, which has now been subjected to management by hype and hysteria for a very long time, thousands of years, in fact, has had quite enough. Better still, it’s doing something about it, for a nice change.

These are just a few crises in recent years:

  • 911
  • Sub primes
  • Massive recession in 2008
  • Ongoing job losses in all traditional employment sectors
  • Housing affordability
  • Education, or lack of it, and related policies
  • Health issues and drug prices
  • EU debt crisis
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Islamic State and terror attacks
  • Ukraine/Crimea
  • Trump and related policies
  • China’s South China Sea islands
  • China’s and the world’s hideous pollution problems
  • African Ebola outbreak
  • Corporate fraud vs Main Street
  • Syrian war
  • US Congressional gridlock, now starting its third decade of total failure
  • BP oil spill
  • Hurricane Katrina and the dismal FEMA response
  • Chinese economy slowdown affecting markets
  • Droughts, fires, and other disasters
  • California/West coast water crisis

Most people affected by these crises, all of which are still having significant impacts today would say, with good reason and rightly, that they’re not hysterical. They’re not. It’s the hysteria of management which is more of an issue than the actual problems. Continue reading

Why do poor people support conservatism?


Wasp2It’s one of the great mysteries. The people who are most despised by conservatives support conservatism. Maybe it’s upbringing, maybe it’s religion, maybe it’s just good ‘ol stupidity. The fact seems to be that these people support those who couldn’t be paid to spit on them.

Conservative policies target health, education, employment, and basic civil rights. They’re usually a minority with clout far beyond their democratic demographics. The NRA’s total membership is about 1% of the US population, yet they dictate gun policy to the GOP, which has about 20-25% of the popular vote, (bearing in mind that only about 40% of eligible people in the US actually vote)

The 1% has 60% of the wealth, and you can assume they won’t be sharing that wealth with the poor any time soon. 158 families in the US, (including, ironically someone with a family name which is part of the German side of my family) are providing 50% of the GOP donations for 2016.

American Valhalla page 28 Are we poor enough yet page 11 Are we poor enough yet page 12  Are we poor enough yet page 14 DC Doom page 28  DC Doom page 30Conservatism is about government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. It always has been. The Roman Republic was split along economic/social lines, in the patricians and the plebeians. There’s only one way to cross this divide, and it’s with money, not democratic principles of equality.

When it comes to support, there’s also the “status” factor, aka the “social delusions” factor. Voting for the rich means “me too”, in many ways. Pathetic as this may be, it’s understandable, if you consider “me too” to mean aspirations.

Less credible is the fact that it’s also wishful thinking on the part of those whose social status needs some work. Modern conservatism is pretty trashy in some ways. It gives the illusion that even the sour little bastards in middle management and the self-promoters in finance and media are somehow turned in to conservatives by association.

They’re not. They’re still the same rat like, untrustworthy, backstabbing suburban slobs from Schmuck City, but they’re wearing suits and hobnobbing with real people, so they look like somebodies. They come and go. For every pathetic blue jacket and sycophantic boyish college hairstyle, about 100 of these pseudo-guys pass through the bowels of real conservative dynamics per day. They’re in, and then they’re out. Nobody knows or cares who they are, but they think they’re part of the machinery. A few may make careers out of it; most won’t.

(Compare these Santa’s Little Helpers to lobbyists, who make millions with a few friendly phone calls and some schmoozing. The party hacks are basically cornflakes in this environment.)

What’s really bizarre, and almost totally counterintuitive, is the superficiality of the conservative image in this regard. The forever-yelling-at-top-of-voice-online conservatism isn’t conservatism. It’s paid cheerleading, by people who are “political outworkers”. It’s also an invented ideology, telling people who to root for, and if you look at the online threads, they even use the same phrases all the time.

If you’re thinking that recruiting the wannabes, losers and underachievers in to this environment is easy with a whiff of money, bingo. They get to call themselves conservatives, which admittedly does sound a lot nicer than “social corpses”, and get to wear buttons, etc.

They are then pointed at “the enemy”, which in American politics is other Americans. They are told there’s such a thing as The Left, and that these people are trying to steal their rights, which like all good conformists, they’ve totally abrogated in the name of the word “conservativism”.

Check out the working logic:

  • Civil rights = Now whiter and brighter than ever.
  • Communism = Anything which involves paying with your own money for anything.
  • Constitution = Excuse for self.
  • Corporations = Good. Corporate laws and regulations = Bad.
  • Democrats = Bad.
  • Environment = Excuse for crimes and plea bargains.
  • Earth = Some place on the Discovery Channel.
  • Education = How to find FOX on the remote.
  • Eisenhower = Some guy.
  • Family values = Now with auditing options.
  • God = Excuse for anything, one of the best.
  • GOP = Good.
  • Guns = Good.
  • Hate groups = Downmarket.
  • Health = Illegal for anyone in lower income brackets.
  • Law enforcement = Highly profitable, good franchising opportunities.
  • Libertarians = Better than good.
  • Lincoln = Some guy.
  • Military budget = Self-made billionaires who did it their way.
  • Nixon = Good.
  • Not shooting people = Bad.
  • Oil = Good.
  • Organized crime = Never heard of it.
  • Pollution = Death for others. (Conservatives are immune to poisons and diseases)
  • Poor people = Bad criminals.
  • Poverty = Cheaper than jails for the poor.
  • Public money = Your very own personal property, grab a few truckloads.
  • Racism = The easy way to avoid actual democracy.
  • Reagan = Better than good.
  • Religion = Excuse for self and personal behavior.
  • Rich people = Good saints.
  • Roosevelt, Franklin Delano = The Anti-Christ, responsible for the New Deal and the theory of treating other Americans like human beings.
  • Roosevelt, Theodore = Some guy.
  • Taxes = Bad communism, especially if payable by you.
  • World War 2 = The triumph of democracy, forget FDR and Truman.

The fact that few people on the other side believe it’s worth talking to conservatives on any subject is based on this set of cookie cutter values. All issues boil down to these basic good/bad equations. Would you bother talking to anyone who’s going to instantly categorize any incident according to these values?

The poor are typically a few generations behind everyone else, in both amenities and social knowledge. They’re the economic hicks from the sticks, and if they support something because it looks good and pays money, it’s understandable. If it’s easier to understand than the multi-faceted, very unpleasant complexities of modern issues according to the other side, that’s understandable too. It’s just that it’s so absurd.

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