If you can’t go higher than C, how do you get C2 in E=MC2?


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2The Theory of Relativity has been around for a long time now. It’s a sacred cow of physics, and many of its basic tenets have been proven. There’s an issue, though. If nothing can go faster than the speed of light, how do you get C2, which not only increases the value of C, but actually multiplies it by itself?

The irony is that this is the best proven of the Theory of Relativity’s rules. It works. It predicts yields in nuclear detonations.

At the risk of being pedantic, however:

  • Either C can be modified or it can’t.
  • If C is the limit of acceleration, C2 is out of the question.
  • Conversion of matter to energy isn’t an answer, if C is the limit.
  • How can C be the limit, if C2 is the integral dynamic function?
  • How can C be the limit, if C2 is the energy conversion integer?

No, this is NOT a trick question. I don’t know how to rationalize this obvious, if perhaps explicable, conundrum. Maybe there is a mathematical explanation, but if so, it’s been conspicuously ignored. Or maybe the question just hasn’t been asked? Either way, there’s a C+ involved without much further information.

Light is the observable part of the spectrum. If something is travelling faster than light, it’s not observable in that context. The spectrum, in fact, is largely invisible. UV and IR light aren’t visible. They were only discovered relatively recently, and have since proven to be universal aspects of light affecting life on Earth.

So it follows that anything above C is a hit or miss observation. Gamma rays travel a bit faster than light. It takes a lot of work to detect them although they’re quite common.

Consider how speeds and movement are currently defined:

Red shift – Going away from point of observation.

Blue shift – Coming towards point of observation.

I’d like to propose, relative to C2 and related dynamics:

White shift? Highest observable spectral form of C and above, heading towards observation point.

Black shift? Outside observable spectral form of C and above heading away from observation point.

Bottom line – To hell with theory, it’s facts that matter. If C2 is the key to higher energy levels and electromagnetic behaviour, the door is long overdue to be opened. 100 years is quite long enough to bask in any equation.

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