Devaluing wealth and calling it capitalism


corporate dynamicOne of the things that makes “saving the world for plutocracy” so amusing is the fact that so many of these so-called capitalists have been devaluing their own wealth so effectively. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Australia, where being a millionaire now equates to owning half of a pretty pedestrian home.

The brilliance with which so many alleged business people have managed to increase their own overheads and decrease the value of their revenue is truly spectacular. Clutching the Big Book of Capitalist Clichés, they have managed to effectively destroy the value of their own incomes.

One of the reasons Australia can be considered as a test case for the rest of the world is that the phenomenal lack of originality in basic thinking in the capitalist class is genetic. They are the descendants of money grubbing middle class idiots, the promoters of money-mad, methamphetamine-like idiocy, and quite unable to grasp much more than grade school levels of information. Typical Western non-people, in fact.

Paul Wallis books, sydney media jam, Amazon, The Creative Process

This book is all about creative ideas. Nobody has yet died of reading it, but it’s a pretty tough call for those not familiar with working with ideas.

Like their foreign counterparts, they regurgitate this outdated pabulum as policy, ideology, and even perhaps for mating purposes. (Who knows, who cares?) Privatization in Australia has been a truly monumental exercise in raising costs. Australia in the 1950s was a country suffering from its usual levels of low capitalization, and sharing the cost of communications, energy, et cetera made sense.

At some point, however, it stopped making sense ti someone who realized you could give all these cash cows to themselves and their slug-like little friends. Obviously, if you privatize everything and then crank up the prices and overheads, it’s good business for somebody. Actually it’s good business for sellers and deal makers; for everybody else it’s certain death by degrees, according to what happens to cash flow.

Imagine a situation where in one of the richest countries in the world electricity price increases prompt a woman in a wheelchair to ask whether or not she will be able to afford to recharge her wheelchair. The result, you may ask?

A heartfelt expression by senior politicians of “the end of the age of entitlement” was the net result. Apparently legal entitlements, statutory rights, and other details are not part of this stampede to economic oblivion.

Australia’s politicians are a pretty representative group of modern politicians – Totally insular, usually several generations removed from anything vaguely resembling hardship, and absolutely brainwashed with whatever pointless dogma is being spouted by their peer groups.

Another terrible bogeyman in the form of deflation emerged during the transformation of Australia into an Easter Bunny. Interestingly, the very people who have been squeaking about market forces for at least 30 years don’t like deflation.

Quite rightly, they point out that deflation means a decrease in asset values. The maniacal increases in prices, which have exactly the same effect the minute you try and buy or sell something, however, are quite all right.

Paul Wallis books, Amazon, Dear Buckley

About Australia in the 21st century – It was going to be called Wankers Wonderland, but I thought that was too tactful. “Buckley’s chance”, in Australian slang, means “no chance”.

The fact that deflation may be reflecting the impracticability and unsustainability of prices, of course, was never mentioned. One of the richest countries in the world is now bleating (with good reason) that the next generation will simply not be able to afford to own their own homes. The related issues about insane prices for pigeon coops and a ridiculous employment market in which nobody can expect to have jobs for more than a few years at a time didn’t get a mention, either.

Like just about every other country on Earth, Australia makes a habit of having perfectly good working prosperous economic models and totally destroying those economic models. The working models are replaced with models that don’t work at all, at incredible expense, for no noticeable reason.

Like other Western countries, Australia has managed to make education as inaccessible as possible based on a ridiculous pricing structure and total lack of acknowledgement of the value of skills of any kind. This is despite a multi generational scream from the business sector for trained people. Education rip-offs, dubious service providers, and mindlessly exploding costs are now hitting the fan in the news, but everybody knew about that years ago.

If you’re getting the impression that devaluing your own wealth also involves totally destroying an economy, systematically, over decades, you’re quite right. It took a lot of effort to turn the fantastic economic boom of mid-20th century into the pathetic snivelling farce we see today.

Are we poor enough yet HYFDAY versionMinds of unfathomable mediocrity must’ve been involved in this process. Not only have the basic principles of capitalism been totally misunderstood, but even the basic mechanisms now don’t work properly. To explain – The purpose of capitalism is prosperity, not paying for 40 years of excuses for total failure by people who don’t have the professional or personal credibility to fall out of the rear end of a cockroach.

The pattern is that whatever the stated goal, the exact opposite is what will be achieved, usually far more expensively than originally projected. Public health is probably one of the best examples – For some reason it’s okay to have sick people in the workforce or carrying guns and on the roads. The more money that goes into health, the sicker the society seems to become.

People under 30 may have trouble believing that there was a time when the global society wasn’t full of rich raving lunatics, but it did actually happen. Wars were something people cared about; poverty was an issue, not a mere excuse to pretend that you give a damn about something. Slavery barely existed, pandemics were virtually eradicated, and the overall quality of life, if not spectacular, was reasonably good.

Job page 24The irony is that all this happened at a time when capitalism actually knew what it was doing. At that time, there was such a thing as actual objectivity. The future was supposed to be incredibly prosperous, better than ever, and, well, worth waiting for. This was before the built-in corruption, before the global saturation levels of organised crime, and other current hobbies.

This version of the future, following the formula above, is the exact opposite of expectations. Everything has been devalued, from basic individual lives to macroeconomic fundamentals. There are no longer any realistic expectations of significant positive achievements; this verminous version of the Middle Ages hardly qualifies as a future.

So consider the stinking, futile carcass of the modern world – Devaluation evolves into decay, and dealing with the state of decay evolves into virtual hunter gatherer survival. This is no longer a civilisation – It is a pitiful attempt at human existence with arguably the stupidest rationales ever expressed for its existence.

Having cheered you up with this merry little frolic through the obscenities, an irony – Every single thing mentioned above can be fixed very easily and quite quickly. Anyone slightly more intelligent than a bored rock should be able to figure out how.

Know anyone like that?

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How to annoy people with a book excerpt – Part 1


www.sydneymediajam.comThe truth is that my books are about things that interest me. I can only get so interested in current and historical insanity before my attention quite rightly wanders away. Stupidity isn’t my favorite subject, and I have better things to do with my time than contribute to it. I also feel the need to inflict a book excerpt or several on people,therefore this blog.

Hence also a large number of books. The Threat-Hamster series is set in eternity, with infinite subject matter. So there. That gives me a lot of space to wander around and explore ideas. The other books are my takes on various subjects, including experience. This appeals to my dictatorial streak. It’s also the basis of an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while; a horror story based on a world run by writers.

I will say that if anyone has 1% of the fun reading these books that I had writing them, they’re a good deal, even at these prices. My books, if purchased in sufficient quantities, can be used to build shanty towns, and other infrastructure as required.

A word of caution at this point – Some of these books are carnivorous. You’ll know which ones after the first few fatalities. They’ve even been known to bring down water buffalo. Not easy to do in Sydney, but they really put in a lot of effort. Just distract them with a steak or a salesperson, and they’ll be OK indoors.

Ads book excerpt:

Ads_Cover_for_KindleDJ: That’s what a really crappy CD being thrown through a window sounds like in Spring. Stick around for the other seasons. Now, we have a caller. That’s interesting, because we despise talkback people and usually chop them up and sell them to people who hate goldfish…. What’s the problem, mate, missing arse, face unfortunately situated on head, nostrils need mowing…?

Voice: I’m Bruce? All of the above, in a way? I’m trying to find Our Nigel? I rang you because he likes to listen to people yelling? He’s English? He went out for a sandwich and we never saw him again? Ooh I’m worried? Weren’t you ever worried? You should be, I saw your photo in the paper? Who does your hair, Arnotts?

DJ: Yeah…. it’s the Ginger Nut In Denial Look…. Takes hours…. He’s a Pom, and you’re trying to find him? Doesn’t sound very likely. What does he look like, and why? Have you seen any suspicious sandwiches?

Bruce (warmly, like a railway station late train announcement in love) He’s getting pattern baldness, and he’s skinny except for his beer gut? He has this big nose and it’s always red…or green? You could try vaccination for the hair?

The Threat-Hamster Papers book excerpt:

Ad hoc Threat-Hamster coverHe got a computer and started writing biographies of hamburgers that sailed the seven seas looking for livers. He wrote terrible indictments of heartless mayonnaise that forsook poor little hamburgers on their wedding night. He became addicted to ketchup. The staff found it necessary to restrain him from breaking out and attacking the onion patch outside his window.

He was eventually cured.

Sarketiste, in its wisdom, found a Grown from Vienna with experience in Hamburger Trauma. This Grown had the bedside manner of a dentist with a backhoe. Its name was Dessicata Arschwunder.

“Ach, der kleine narr has eaten off zer Feral Burger, ja? Ve shall haf to try zer Aversion Derapy mit der Grosses Osterreicher Plunger und der Sennapods den Krieg und der Burger-Abwehr Ethik.”

Filth was Plunged, fed Sennapods and shown photos and videos of hamburgers in unethical situations. Burgers pursuing lives of dissolute immorality. Burgers with a passion for flan pastry. Burgers hiding in meringues. Burgers becoming property developers. Burgers lurking in cups of tea. Burgers as corporate vermin.

(Excuse my pidgin German. The trouble is that it looks so much more authentic this way.)

Mimbly Tales book excerpt:

Mimbly_Tales_Cover_for_Kindle(1) 300PPIThe Great Priest eventually subsided, after taxing the limited patience of the Celts further than would ever be safe under ordinary circumstances. They wanted to hear O’Neill refute this tonnage of golden manure, and they were sure the Crow and the Horse were there for a reason.

O’Neill was brief. He was brief largely because he’d been watching the Crow, which hadn’t moved since it arrived on the edge of the stage. The Horse was also quite still.

“Thank you, Great Priest, for that revealing speech.” Any irony was lost on the Roman, who had only now noticed the Crow. It seemed to be a very large bird, and it was looking at him intently.

“As I understand it, one difference between our beliefs is that we can see our gods, while yours defies vision. Is that correct?”

“His body is gold, and all gold is his life. My chair is his vehicle, made of his flesh on this world.” He managed to miss the remark about being able to see gods, while not answering the question, either. Good technique.

This didn’t appear to surprise O’Neill.

“So if we see gold, we see in part your Golden God?”


“Gold is truly a precious and incorruptible metal, yet it may be worked, may it not?”

“To meet the inscrutable purposes of the God, it may.”

“You will have noticed that there is a large Crow perched on the stage. In our belief it is the emissary of the goddess, Macha.”

The priest smiled indulgently. He didn’t know how to smile any other way. He then realized that there was, actually, something odd about a crow which had evidently come to listen to a spiritual debate.

Wanderlaugh book excerpt

Wanderlaugh_Cover_for_Kindle 300PPIA starving man looks for a piano. A loving woman reads a book. A lonely, thoughtful, child finds a place. An idea sneaks into a painting for safety. A cold wind warms a wandering mind. Depth of mind searches for depth of soul. A song travels through history, un-aged. Somewhere in every musical instrument is a meaningful God. In the storms of the languages is something called Love. In the unspeakable fury of life is the incredible strength of Truth.

No tear ever says enough. Death never kills anything. The passage of time is just a version of what can be. It’s never the whole story. Without light, darkness is meaningless, a mere absence. With light, darkness adds to it. Life never confines itself. Ideas breed thoughts like bacteria, and thoughts breed ideas like elephants.

What is the scale of being? How big is reality? Why is a beautiful woman blinding? What does it mean, that emotions can be more real than solid objects? What does a child mean? Who’s braver, the artist or the art? Why is playing music so much like flying?

Laughter destroys the most pretentious of fools. Laughter creates life. To laugh is to live. Love and laughter are inseparable. Truth and laughter are good friends. No theory is immune to either. No misery survives a real laugh.

Wander on, my Wanderlaugh.

…You can see why these books would want to go out and hunt things. Next logical step, really. The most accurate character description of me (that I know of) is that I sell these books to actual people. Ethics? I’m a writer! What would I do with an ethic, take it for walks?

Check out my books on Amazon on the menu above.

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Hysteria fatigue – How global hysteria has gone out of style


Wasp2A lot of market wisdom, PR, and social media logic is based on hysteria. This is the knee jerk response, the herd instinct, rabble rousing, viral, etc. approach to public statements and information. Overkill to the point of hysteria beyond rational debate is another, and it’s fair to say that the general move is away and beyond this mentality.

Ironically, the human race, which has now been subjected to management by hype and hysteria for a very long time, thousands of years, in fact, has had quite enough. Better still, it’s doing something about it, for a nice change.

These are just a few crises in recent years:

  • 911
  • Sub primes
  • Massive recession in 2008
  • Ongoing job losses in all traditional employment sectors
  • Housing affordability
  • Education, or lack of it, and related policies
  • Health issues and drug prices
  • EU debt crisis
  • Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Islamic State and terror attacks
  • Ukraine/Crimea
  • Trump and related policies
  • China’s South China Sea islands
  • China’s and the world’s hideous pollution problems
  • African Ebola outbreak
  • Corporate fraud vs Main Street
  • Syrian war
  • US Congressional gridlock, now starting its third decade of total failure
  • BP oil spill
  • Hurricane Katrina and the dismal FEMA response
  • Chinese economy slowdown affecting markets
  • Droughts, fires, and other disasters
  • California/West coast water crisis

Most people affected by these crises, all of which are still having significant impacts today would say, with good reason and rightly, that they’re not hysterical. They’re not. It’s the hysteria of management which is more of an issue than the actual problems. Continue reading

Don’t read my books!


Wasp2One of the major issues for me as a writer is this necrotic global cheese dip of a “literary audience”. How do I reach out, and establish contact with this collection of failed suppositories?

Why don’t I just kill them, as I’d much prefer?

I think this skateboard of logic started in a bookstore, when I found a truly unimpressive-looking thick book, called Storylines, or something like that. In 8 point font there it was, about the size of War and Peace, “how to manage storylines”.

Oh, you cunning enema, you, whoever put that obscenity together. For those wondering, “creative” means doing something new and different. Not rehashing some damn story formula written by a fucking pedantic cockroach.

Ad hoc Threat-Hamster coverThe next event was the Sydney Writers Festival, about 10 years ago. A herd of writers. “Now, girls…” Honestly, take one look and you can tell every book they’ve ever read. To me, boring women are a contradiction in terms – Or should be. It was appalling. A few guys turned up, and were of course duly ignored. Everyone was urbane to the point of needing taxidermy. I’ve seen more personality in a palette of cinder blocks.

I’ve since been told by a friend that Sydney Writers Festival isn’t that bad, but those antihistamines are expensive, in big quantities. This was literature, middle class suburban style. Repulsive.

Then there was my interesting phone conversation with a literary agent. The minute this person found out I was a writer, I was spoken to like an unusually stupid doormat. In person, that agent would have been turned in to confetti, not necessarily metaphorically. I don’t tolerate disrespect from industry people.

Mimbly_Tales_Cover_for_Kindle(1) 300PPIDuring this wonderful series of sprinkles of brilliance, I was also reading bits and pieces in the literary media. My god; what a pack of babbling and dribbling theoreticians have come out of the sewer of hangers-on land in recent times. Everyone agrees with theory. Nobody notices actual text. It’s reading between the lines, where the actual words aren’t. This is literature? What’s the point of reading about an infinitely predictable moron who lumbers through a stale vocabulary?

A Kleenex would have more idea of the issues in writing than these Big Book of Quotes bozos. Consider 50 Shades of Grey. Anyone count them? These guys would, and say it was nice that there were 50 of them, and that they’d never have guessed, and it was wonderful to see a new writer making money for them. People make good livings producing crap like that. (And here am I hoping people get jokes…)

If you don’t write yourself, don’t pretend you know what it’s like. Theory, schmeory. The books that created the theories were written before the theories existed. Anyone tell Homer how to write? How about Shakespeare?

Wanderlaugh_Cover_for_Kindle 300PPIMeanwhile, the market, and apparently the “readers”, have turned into spuds. Apart from a few good bios, it’s Brand X all the way. “…She (adverb) grasped his (adjective)… and… (qualified verb) with a (entomological baseline physical mesalliance involving unprovoked cosmetics.)”.

Yes, entomological, not etymological, you schmuck.

So here’s the issue – To write good stuff, or just tell people where to go and cash in their evolutionary possibilities using a claw hammer and a rabid rat? The good news is that my books are far less abrasive than I am. They hardly ever exterminate populations or deliberately talk them to death.

The bad news is that I don’t want my books to be read by people like those described above. I don’t write for subhuman, backward, whimpering consumer conformists or pitiful academics hiding behind style like it’s their mother. Why would anyone?

Ads_Cover_for_KindleI’m quite used to pseudos, from ridiculous, fraudulent no-talent-no-balls “rock stars” and bacteria-like Australian “celebrities”, to media trash, and online effluvia. I’ve been meeting people like that all my life, quite literally, since I was a very small kid. I despised them at age 7, let alone now.

This “culture” and its babbling bores are a whole new level of banal, so inferior to the minimal standards of humanity, that I have to ask this question of myself –

“What if these pack of substandard corpses read my books?”

The thing is that I like my books. I don’t want them hanging around with people like that.

A psychologist might make sense of this.

  • Do I resent the idea that my books might be exposed to people who can’t tell the difference between real creative writing and accountancy? Of course.
  • Am I simply acting on my encounters with this flock of God’s mistakes and their equally enchanting associates? Probably.

Live_Lazy_and_Love_I_Cover_for_KindleSo what are the options?

  1. Write a book which is so incomprehensible that nobody could possibly survive reading it? Well, I’ve done several of those, actually. Excellent sources of compost and screams for use in game shows they are, too.
  2. Write a book as per market formula, with the last word as “Suckers!”? Only if I get to nail the book to readers’ heads. Nothing like giving septicaemia to people you don’t like, to show them that you care.

Take my word for it that a second generation freelancer never avoids any possible source of income, but – It’s a real problem.

Do I actually have to seriously consider this issue? What happened to intelligent, thoughtful readers who actually enjoy reading and get something out of it? Where did all the avant garde, try anything, writers and readers go?

Ah, good. A decision. Just write for myself, and if you bastards don’t like it, ooze back to your evolutionary dunghill. I feel better now.


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The Threat-Hamster books and the writing ethos


Ad hoc Threat-Hamster coverMy books are to some extent a reaction against literalism and pedantic writing styles. I find the idea of explaining everything to readers both patronising and pointless. To me, that style of writing takes the freedom of interpretation and the fun of reading away from the reader.

The Threat-Hamster books are all about visualisation. This is a world of unfamiliar things, in which the reader is quite free to interpret and see the different scenarios and situations as they wish.

Some things, for example the visual appearance of the characters, are not explained at all. You can read all three Threat-Hamster books and all you’ll find out is that one of the characters is an ash blonde. The storylines are based on extended logic, largely derived from the characters. These books are supposed to be fun, interesting, and enjoyable.

Ads_Cover_for_KindleI’ve certainly learned a lot from my characters. As it turned out, the only “normal” that I’ve ever written, Ads, was actually a development of the characters. In some parts, they more or less wrote the book for me, and I just came along for the ride. Continue reading