Culture of the hideous, rotting the world


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2It’s interesting to note that culture is a sort of absorbent material for the realities of any society. You can tell what’s happening in that society, in effect, by the ideas and images it produces.

…Which makes the diagnosis for this society rather grim. It’s a truly hideous culture. In media, the stories ore of stupidity, denial, blatant lies, and above all, a level of total ineptitude that is almost beyond description

The world’s overall culture is toxic. Old, stagnant, truly rotting, ideas and images fester everywhere. Obsolete obscenities seem to have come back for an encore. Slavery and human trafficking are back and as ugly as ever. Crime has been normalized by the lawmakers. Every second product of “entertainment” is a commercial for violence.

Life, you’d think, is a stream of ridiculous fictions based on images. Images, in fact, have largely replaced reality for some people. The input is too much for the minds receiving. So the culture effectively feeds itself with itself. Ironically, as the culture gets more toxic, it poisons itself.

The rotting ideas of a comatose culture

Rotting ideas include:

The 20th century image of normal life. It’s now a sacred image, with little or no comprehension of what it was actually like and no possible application in any possible future.  A large number of truly atrophied mindsets have persisted since the past. This static mentality was the one which didn’t even really register World War 1, the Depression, World War 2, the 60s, or the complete departure from the old social structures. Somehow, this bizarre view of a smug world (which never was and can never be) is now what the world should be.

The theory and practice of human living. This has also rotted down nicely to the usual doll’s house fantasy. This has been the case while even the theory of earning a living will have to be rewritten. Technologies and commerce will abolish all of the old “jobs” and “careers”, with nothing in sight to replace them.

The possible uses of human intellect. The rot here isn’t quite as bad as it looks, but it’s still not a healthy thing and there’s way too much rot. Human intelligence, that highly debatable thing, does have its moments. Whether intelligent thinking and this totally lost current form of human existence can actually connect any more is highly debatable indeed. (Meanwhile, ask yourself how so many highly conspicuous total morons seem to be doing so well in such an ugly social environment. It’s an interesting answer.)

The Dumb. Even stupidity is rotting away in a world where so many fools are overweighted and have too much influence and seem to be allowed to do so much damage with impunity.

Cultural direction has totally vanished.  People aren’t too sure they want to think about a future which may be even worse than the present. Way back when, the story was of a fabulous future, wonderful things, and look where that culture went. Humanity was getting better, and fast. It was, in fact, the exact antithesis of this culture. A never-thinking-ahead culture with no attention span doesn’t have a future.

Civilization. Excuse me for mentioning an old joke of mine, but – “There is a lost civilization on Earth, right now. The problem is that some fool keeps finding it.” The pity about that joke is that it does refer to a whole idea of civilization which is basically long past any possible expiry date. Ancient social structures, social myths, and absurdities from the past are everywhere. This is the 21st century. Why are all these primitive ideologies and stupid conflicts still around? What use are they, and what use have they ever been?

Quality of life. Talking about extinct things, Western quality of life has been eroded by insanities. Who asked for a world which is basically one big stress factory? A world where life was supposed to become better and easier has become damn near impossible for many people.

This culture never makes the right decisions

This culture makes bad calls at a highly improbable rate which translate into social waves:

  • Nuclear disarmament: No. Miss all the big booms? Never!
  • Love and peace: No. You’re much too smart for that.
  • Equal rights. Not at all. Doesn’t go with the fake self-imagery.
  • Decent lives for people. Not going to fool you with that one, eh?
  • Basic amenities. No, because that’s an idea you don’t even understand.
  • Pollution elimination: No because you like cyanide and heavy metals.
  • Sane health care: No, that’s socialist. Health is therefore socialism.
  • Free education. No. Nobody needs skills anymore, so there, too.
  • End poverty. No, people might have money to spend, which would naturally be bad for the economy.
  • No. Everyone acts like a spoiled brat now, so we don’t need kids.
  • Human survival, etc, etc. Insert selected rabid response accordingly.

Face it – Every call this moronic culture makes is invariably wrong and has been for generations. Everyone knows what needs fixing, and usually how to do it, and absolutely nothing is done.  The rot is spreading.

The imagery of a failed culture

The imagery of this culture is essentially the imagery of atrocities. Nothing is too ugly to turn in to a media product. Media is used to promote atrocities. Media is used to promote disinformation, that most truly useless of things. Check out the result, worldwide.

A question at this point – Are we smart enough yet?  Screwed up enough common sense things to believe ourselves intelligent? Face it – Only morons would tolerate this genocidal bullshit for a second, let alone decades.

I’d be a lot more sympathetic if people simply got on with what needs doing. These old institutions and ridiculous, incompetent corporate circuses can easily be bypassed and/or beaten at their own games. The corrupt leave virtual audit trails of their corruption and are almost never held responsible.

Nobody seems to be trying too hard. Plenty of talk, most of it self-serving and scripted to death, of course, but very little actually being done. Whatever the subject, the time for talk is over. If you want to get out of this hideous culture, make it obsolete, unable to survive in a saner world. The alternative doesn’t bear discussion.



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