Living in the 21st century Stone Age


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2The 21st century Stone Age is the regressive, backward mentality which is obstructing humanity. If you think you’re living in a primitive environment, you are. In future, perhaps the near future, this mismanaged, idiocy-addicted world will look like the medieval era, filthy, unsanitary, and full of things knowledge can cure and fix.

The problem is the constipated, consolidated dead weight of old thinking, combined with arguably the dumbest bastards in human history running nations and corporations. We could have Star Trek almost instantly without these deranged obscenities. From the Stone Age to “we have all our material needs” would be well worth doing, if only to kick humanity’s miserable history of deprivation in the face. It’s an interesting, if irritating, fact that just about everything the human conceptual dunghill collective unconscious has ever considered impossible has happened.

The 21st century Stone Age, however, isn’t just about ignorance. It’s active obstruction, in the hideous tradition of the past. The same idiot mindset has obstructed medicine, engineering, research, human rights, and pretty much everything else of value to humanity.

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The 21st century Stone Age can be creatively counteracted. Creating solutions, creating better options, you name it; this is the way out of the sewer.

The result is obvious. You can live in your 21st century cave, making The Flintstones look like the epitome of class and refinement. You can listen to the animalistic politicians creating polarizations which obstruct the interactions of societies on every level, on every subject, exactly like the old superstitious scum from which they’re descended.

You can watch a world being mismanaged like never before, with geriatric imbeciles presiding. Instead of a world of aspiration, you get a world of degradation. The human race is being devalued to an absurd degree. Even expertise, essential for the basics in a modern society is endlessly denigrated by actual, proven, certifiable morons.

Imagine living in Europe during the Ice Age, and being told, “There is no Ice Age”, and “The mammoths will never go extinct”. Imagine the days of the Plague, and being forbidden to do any research on a cure. Imagine not being “allowed” to discover new technologies because some ecclesiastical gerbil said you aren’t.

Ending the 21st century Stone Age

To put an end to these intolerable obstructions and psychotic levels of dysfunction:

  • An end to political madness and oppression. Oppression doesn’t need a police state or some other cliché to be oppressive. Political systems can do that with legislation. The powers of the political systems should be reduced permanently to end their obstruction of human aspirations.
  • Enforcing human rights. No political or other system should be able to interfere with human rights, including communication, housing, health and education. You have your human rights, those rights are enforced, and you can mind your own bloody business about other people’s rights. Believe what you want, but keep it to yourself. It’s none of your business what others believe.
  • Global ecology management. The world’s ecosystems should be managed properly, and restored to fully functional condition. This includes proper waste management, land management and species conservation. Earth is more efficient at producing what’s needed for life than anything else, and its services are free.
  • Government should be permanently separated from any political process. Politics shouldn’t be able to sabotage or pervert good governance. Government and politics are very different things. Government is just social administration. It’s supposed to be fully transparent, fully accountable, and responsible. Unlike politics, government in its proper form can’t play favourites, or deliberately disadvantage anyone.

21st Century Stone Age – Look back in hatred

If you want to hate anything, you can start with whatever ugly, unforgivable chain of events created this world of imbecile situations.

Consider this – The Third World War is still ready to go with a few buttons. Slavery is back, and poverty is at plague levels.  A few talentless, corrupt buffoons can still prevent basic services being provided to people who need them. Corporate ignoramuses who can barely form sentences are selling dangerous poisons worldwide. Pollution is at insane levels, 16 billion tons of emissions per year from fossil fuels alone. Huge numbers of people are suffering from pandemic levels of very serious medical conditions, and not a damn thing worth mentioning is being done about it. Apparently they think pandemic levels of diabetes, etc. can be solved with press releases.

The 21st century is an inexcusable disaster, an insult to humanity on all levels. Will it take a global French Revolution, an extermination of the irresponsible fools who’ve created the problems and refuse to solve them? I’ll at least listen to any suggestions about how to shut down this halfwit horror story at its sources.

One thing for sure – There should be no further tolerance of this obvious incompetence on any level. Kick ‘em out, whatever, but get rid of the mad culture which has created this mess and make sure it never returns. The 21st century Stone Age must end, and end now.

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