Male gender stereotypes – The Uber Crap Years


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2The modern male gender stereotype is a mix of abuse, absurdity, and aberrations. The good ‘ol All Men Are Rapists, Idiots, Freudian Clichés,  Etc. thing is in full force.

Not that all men are saints, sane, or even regularly conscious, but I take issue with a few things here.

The Descent of Man as a male gender stereotype

In the last 50 years, the male gender stereotype has gone from a basically straitjacketed, immovable, two dimensional thing in an office to a sort of instant criminal, instant idiot, instant excuse. This really is from hero to zero. From the truly absurd “men are smarter than women, etc.” to “Duhhh…. What’s visualization, and can I bet on it?” post-relevance failed chimp in boring clothes didn’t take long.

Paul Wallis, Live Lazy and Love It, Amazon

The theory of this book is that if you can afford to be lazy, you must be doing something right.

Now guys, here’s something you’ll really love! It’s Demolition Spreadsheet Derby! You can be a pretentious little prick in a shiny white shirt with your very own tie and everything! Prove you’re smarter and more important than your hair dryer! Show those burger crumbs on your desk who’s boss with your droning recitals of the banal, the superficial, and the howling obvious! Prove your mediocrity! You wonderful piece of crap, you! 

Talk about testosterone at work…Or in this example, in a coma. Why guys tolerate being treated like absolute morons on a second by second basis is debatable. The male media character is a series of facials, with close ups and lots of money and is dumber than any house brick – And if that doesn’t tell you something is very wrong, you’ve been asleep for a few decades.

It’s OK for guys to be ignorant, backward, timid, never face up to anything, and cringe from the cradle to the grave. According to the media, they turn in to Superman with a gun, and that solves everything. Right, morons? Most are too genetically gutless to even try to have their own opinions or to be actual people.

“Oooh, are we guys allowed to have opinions now, with approval from a peer group, a few thousand psychologists, and any number of chat shows?”

No, in practice. You’re allowed to be an illiterate, subservient, totally pointless redneck with substance abuse issues, and that’s about it.

Women are actually a lot better at spotting male problems and weaknesses than men. Guys are way too good at ignoring their weak spots. The Endless Nag (deeply appreciated as it isn’t) is right about quite a few things and goes a lot deeper than the stereotype, much more accurately.

Women simply don’t believe in the Uber Macho Executive Doormat Guy, for some reason, for example. They definitely don’t like the stereotypical Ape Guys or the Psycho Trash Brats, either, even if they keep having their kids for no known reason.


Word of advice for the ego-mutilated: What follows isn’t “nice”. It’s brutal. If you don’t want some more heavy gauge bullets in your ego, stop reading now.

Real male gender stereotype issues

Let’s move from male gender stereotypes to real issues. Maybe it’s the weaknesses that are the real killers. You know – The ones nobody ever does anything about? Like for instance:

  • Tolerating the intolerable. This is any kind of abuse or forced subservience in any situation. OK, you don’t want to get in to a fight you don’t know how to win, but you can get OUT of the fight and pick your own ground. Being the squashed bug in any group is death in so many ways.
  • Dumb, Dumb, DUMB: Being required to be an ignoramus because you hang around with morons IS your fault. What are you doing hanging around with the brain dead, anyway?
  • Being a compulsive jerk: You don’t HAVE to be a jerk every second of every day. If anything, it simply proves you are one. It also proves you can’t tell the difference between fictional characters and yourself, if you’re aping a character. You’re not smart enough to figure that out for yourself? Maybe some work on the subject is required?
  • Sycophancy as a career: This is a real, serious, sometimes fatal, weakness. Really important people aren’t sycophants, but you think it’s smart? Wow are you dumber than dumb. You want to trash your own credibility, that’s how. Nobody who is anybody believes a damn word from a sycophant. You’re a statistic, and very easily replaceable.
  • Status worship: Only the truly inferior need to prove their superiority all the time. That ought to be all you need to know about that subject. If it’s not, you went in to the supermarket and never came out again.
  • Group dependency: In theory, the male is supposed to be able to stand on its own two feet, be independent, and support itself. How are you going with that? Do you need the approval and condescension of maggot-magnet other guys or other people to do anything? If so, you’ve got a problem, and it’s you.
  • No ideas: Ideas are survival tools. Without them you simply don’t survive. If you’re in one of the more usual male environments where ideas are incomprehensible, and too nerdy for you and your group of idiots, you’re dead.
  • Bullying: Bullying PROVES weakness. That’s all you need to know. You pick on the defenceless and think you’re a genius. You’re pretending to be an Alpha, but if you ever bump in to a real Alpha, the real Alpha will kill you, if you’re lucky.
  • Spouse abuse: There’s a very old male joke about wife bashers and similar vermin – “Finally found someone you can beat?”, which is as good a character reference as any. Why would any sane male beat up the only person who’s ever made a commitment to them? Wow, are you screwed up, inside and out. In case you’re wondering, other guys, including me, know exactly what to do about that.
  • Deadbeat: You hear a lot about the deadbeat dads who don’t support their kids after separation. You don’t hear much about non-supportive fathers who aren’t separated. It’s the same damn thing. For any actual attempted male, your kids are your responsibility. You should be prepared to kill for your kids and do anything else necessary for them. Run away from that, and you can stop pretending to be a male. You’re really trashing the brand, too. Don’t expect to be thanked for that.

Sufficient hints, geniuses?

This is where the gender stereotyping comes in. The stereotype is very shallow, very easy to produce in massive amounts, and rarely hits any of the real issues for guys. The stereotype is of a weak, ineffectual, sexually pig-ignorant boozer/ sports watching bit of furniture with less intelligence than anything in a kitty litter box.

…And you can actually tolerate being treated like toilet paper?  You and the other equally offensive gender stereotype, Little Ms. Suburban “Sell Me Anything, I’m an Idiot” Cash Cow, must be having fun. It truly is a match made in hell, and doomed to fail in so many ways it’s obscene.

I thank the things I believe in every day for refusing to have anything to do with that male gender stereotype. I’ve hated it, and despised it, since day one. I’m equally thankful for not being in a relationship with the other stereotype, too.  It’d be like marrying a necrosis. If you’re having problems, I suggest you give being a real guy, and maybe even a real person, a shot. You really do have nothing to lose.



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