Dismantling the administrative state, or how to prove you know nothing about government


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2The new rocking horse for America’s Least Competent is “dismantling the administrative state”. Given that this idea is coming from people who’ve just spent the last few decades proving they couldn’t run a dunghill, this idea is as banal, impractical, and cynical as you’d expect it to be.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • The money side – Modern societies are revenue-dependent. Nothing is free, in fact. You get precisely nothing for your taxes except the payment of government money to “free market” bozos and their pets. The same “libertarians” who want to dismantle the administrative state are totally dependent on it for government contracts. You don’t get public services for your money; you get jails, and rich, obscene, lobbyists.
  • The legislative side – Legislation is basically a rule book. Why shouldn’t people be able to eat safe food, live in a safe environment, get health care, and at least something for their taxes? That’s not happening now, and hasn’t for years. All modern politicians do is direct public money to corporate interests, and there’s no point pretending it does much else. There’s literally terabytes of information on any subject to prove that. If you don’t have an administration to administer political government decisions, there’s no point in having a political government, because it simply couldn’t govern.
  • The administrative side – The administrative side of government currently reflects the incredible inefficiency of political government. This includes enforcing the rules, managing the use of revenue, and dealing with the endless problems which incompetent political government creates on an hourly basis. Without administration, you’d have total inability to administrate, i.e., total inability to govern. “Bureaucracy” is a measure of inefficiency, not an argument for not having an administrative framework.

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