Moron fatigue, a possible cure?



Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2Moron fatigue is the result of  having a mind and knowing what you’re talking about. In a world full of absurd fake information of all kinds, supported by raving fanatical lunatics howling over every trivial issue, it’s more or less inevitable.

The good news is that moron fatigue, like the people who cause it, is superficial. You won’t die of it, and unfortunately neither will they, but it is annoying and intrusive, like a rash.

It can cause stress, which is more serious. If you’ve been listening for hours or what seems like decades to morons, or seeing their “revelations” for too long, you may feel like you need decontamination. You’re right.

No, I’m not going to suggest tolerance or acceptance. Quite the opposite. Morons should not be tolerated in your life in any form. They shouldn’t be tolerated in your career, either; they’re instant risks, as well as being utterly useless. There’s no such thing as a “useful idiot”, even in politics, where being a moron is a career requirement.

They certainly shouldn’t be “accepted” as though they were some form of unavoidable thing. They are quite avoidable and should be.  Accepting the presence of a moron is like accepting a sort of endless liability. It’s ridiculous.

The immortal Celts in EnglandPredictably enough, the culture of engagement of the previous decade has left a slimy, sleazy, filth of intrusive moronic issues, situations, and problems. These types of engagement are all intrusive. Your privacy, like your peace of mind, is always at risk.

This world is based on types of engagement. Being a “social species” (sounds absurd, doesn’t it?) humans have to engage with some things, despite their better judgment and sense of personal hygiene. The obstacle course of modern life, of course, means you may have to engage with nice, sweet, smug, plump, fizzy, morons.

These endlessly employed, fully qualified, useless things seem to be built in to everything from middle management to those tiresome, pedantic fools with no imagination who just happen to be running things incredibly badly.  They’re experts on nothing and have inputs in to everything around them. They’re the people who add 20 steps to something which should only take 1 step. They’re the drones in meetings, the tedious bastards who turn minor issues in to month-long epics.

The cure for moron fatigue

Paul Wallis books, sydney media jam

This book is all about creative ideas. Nobody has yet died of reading it, but it’s a pretty tough call for those not familiar with working with ideas. “Passive voice”, eh?

The proven cure is disengagement. You need to be clear about what you’re disengaging yourself from, and understand the values of disengagement. In the past, hermits were people who’d disengaged from society for basically the same reasons. Hermits were supposed to be ascetics, spiritual, whatever, but there were other good reasons for becoming a hermit:

Intellectual and professional contamination: The most common effect of morons is to intrude their imbecility in to everything.

  • Obstruction: Morons get in the way of doing anything; they add obstacles to any process, any logic, any simple task. They are inefficiency incarnate.
  • Religion: There is nothing more offensive than being told what to believe by some parroting fool who’s spouting beliefs like a broken sewer pipe. How many experts on God have you met? How many have the spiritual nature of a used piece of toilet paper?
  • Bores: The bore is to humanity what sexual diseases are to sex. They come in all forms, from the truly ponderous, excruciatingly dull to the mono-subject Car Bore, College Bore, Sports Bore, Politics Bore, Money Bore, etc. You’ll find teams of elite bores infesting any subject.
  • Materialists: Everything about a materialist is external. There’s usually nothing internal. There is no person in a materialist, just a cliché- obsessed shopping list.
  • “Smart”, born-dishonest, hypocritical people: Everyone thinks they’re a genius, a great actor, and that other people believe every word they say. Some people are almost orgasmic when they think they’re getting away with something. This is the classic description of all-round morons.

All these morons have one thing in common – They all take up physical time and mental space, and everything they do leads to some uncomfortable situation for you. Aesthetically, they’re usually bland-hideous and spectacularly uninteresting on every level. Intellectually, they’re nothing.  Pretty damn good reasons for disengagement, wouldn’t you say?

The practical methods of moron fatigue cure

Whatever you’re disengaging from, remember that your mind and your life can benefit by simply excluding these fools. Most people have a natural instinct to disengage, but don’t know how to do it.

A few options for disengagement:

  • “The online hermit”: Lose the bores, lose the intrusive people, and lose the incompetent by unfriending, blocking, or simply abusing them until they go away. Change your contact addresses, change your avatars, become invisible. That will at least get rid of the serial offenders.
  • Don’t be nice about unacceptable things: Tell people where to go. Do NOT tolerate unwanted intrusions. Ruthlessly eliminate the unacceptable. Avoid subjects and people where you already know the likely outcomes, which saves time.
  • If you don’t like someone, don’t engage: Simple, efficient, and worthwhile if only for reducing the crowds of time wasters and lousy sources of information. Snap judgments may be right or wrong, but the instant-disengage approach allows you to filter out the fools.
  • Don’t make a career of being surrounded by morons: Busy career people learn to adapt to morons by a simple, but self-inflicted process of developing “working relationships” with morons. This seems harmless, until you realize you’ve spent 30 years wading around in them and the results of their stupidity. That’s 30 years of dealing with non-achievers, problem-causers, obstructionists, and non-innovators who’ll never amount to anything. Save yourself some time – Map out a career path where you don’t have to deal with these plodding idiots.

Everyone has a personal suite of morons in their lives. Everyone’s need to disengage is therefore different, too. These are hints, but the bottom line is “Lose the morons any way you can”. You’ll feel a lot better.


Why we should be paid to read the “news”



Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam CO2False news be damned. The real news isn’t much better. It’s a tale of a failed civilization. Worthless rich animals parading around a disaster area from pole to pole being “important”. Meaningless, do-nothing statements galore. Fanatical fools of all kinds. Organized crime up to the armpits, aided and abetted by governments. The news is more like an obituary at the world’s expense.

Civilizations fall for one reason and one reason only – Mismanagement. It weakens them to the point they simply fall apart. It doesn’t really matter how they’re mismanaged; the effect is the same. They lack the cohesion to resist their falls. All else follows.

When governments aren’t governments, they’re actual crimes in progress. Leadership, there is none. Just a few tiresome hacks reciting old dogmas and playing with public money, giving it to each other and themselves like it was their own. Their stupidity, mediocrity and illiteracy is confirmed with every word they say and everything they do.

World War 3 is now obsolete. It’s unnecessary. A few more decades of this level of maladministration in this high population mass and total failure will do the job, probably better than weapons.

Didn’t know that, eh?

I’m not going to do an analysis. There’s no need. It’s obvious how badly the whole idea of civilization has failed at all levels. The news is like a sports commentary – “Yes, the horse is running up its own arse”, and variations which mean basically the same thing.

When experts spend time hiding behind quotes from others, they’re not experts. They’re not even thinking. The easy out is to cite references to everything but facts, and that’s the language of the times.

When people “believe” anything and everything without even understanding the basics, it’s not belief. It’s self-fraud. It’s the admission of total incomprehension, too, another drastic self-harm methodology you can get online anywhere. When it applies to “news”, it’s mass self-fraud and self-harm.

If humanity ever expects to get out of this dunghill it’s built over itself, the only option is honesty about the hard facts. Anyone expecting a sudden outbreak of honesty? I ask because without realism you can’t achieve competence. Without competence, you’ve got no chance of doing anything right.

How many physical functions can you see in this one picture? Trillions, in fact, from atoms to macro structures, and all working together. Now, imagine an “intelligent life form” which doesn’t even get the basics. Still feeling brilliant?

News, as everyone knows, is a commodity, as much as it is information, whatever the quality of that information. Bullshit futures should be way up. So should disingenuous futures. Anything which is utterly useless is highly valued; that includes people, ideas and dribbling policies based on simple-minded money grabs.

If there’s a certain justice in the fact that the people making billions by destroying future generations before they’re born could be making trillions by not destroying them. There’s more justice to be had from the ridiculous come and go news which is instantly contradicted, or simply fades in to the oblivion it deserves.

So – How to get paid for reading the news without being a paid troll?

  1. You could bet on which new disaster will be announced, or which country is going to fall to pieces next, etc.
  2. Bullshit subsidies. News organizations could pay readers for reading specific information, in cash or reward points, etc. Appropriate, at least, when you bear in mind they’re reading about the next death threat from global incompetence.
  3. This is the currency of publishers. Non-news is published for that reason. Why not bribe the readers, too.
  4. “Applause money”. Pay readers to say how great the news reporting is. Requires no honesty or other difficult to obtain personal resources.
  5. “Youth culture allowance”. Pay kids to absorb the culture of necrosis. Don’t think of it as news; think of it as a sort of gangrene.

Well, trash? Will that save your ridiculous business models and your gutless selves? Will you be able to bleat on uselessly for a few more decades with help from paid readers?

I’ll give humanity 50 more years. Fail now, and you fail forever. Why would a pack of dishonest, gullible, naive, “evil” little fools get a second chance? You might as well pay the readers, because they’re as likely to go extinct as you are.

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam, Paul Wallis books