Want some youth culture, with sprinkles, cretins?


youth cultureYouth culture hasn’t done a damn thing since the 1980s. Everyone is a teenage gangster or a Valley Girl bimbo and always has been, according to this culture. Anyone who uses two syllables is a nerd. Conformity as far as the belch of media can go.

It’s bad enough that the “adult” culture (that collection of close ups and tantrums) is a virtual sewer. Now, every moron is a hero and every genius a leper. God knows individuality is a mystery to most at the best of times. It’s like nobody told them they’re supposed to be real people.

Youth culture/loser culture

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam youth cultureThe problem is that this youth culture is also a loser culture. Being a sort of backpack full of clichés is OK.  It’s OK to be a slum dwelling ape. It’s fine to shoot a few people. After all, everybody does it. It’s normal, like most diseases. “Rape culture”, for which you’d have been killed for even suggesting it a generation or so ago, is also OK. What a triumph of human achievement.

It’s also fine if you can’t read or write. You’re a severely handicapped person, financially, socially and legally, but hey, that’s OK. You can and will be ripped off by anyone who can read or write, but that’s fine, too.

This is what the highest level of civilization ever achieved by humanity does with culture on a routine basis – Absolute failure.

You peasant shit, tolerating this obscenity of a culture. The entire culture is created by vermin. It has nothing to offer but more crap and more failure. If you tolerate one second of this garbage, you don’t deserve to be called human.

Is it any wonder that a large number of supposedly human basket cases believe any damn thing they see on any kind of screen? They can’t argue. They have no idea how, or why. They belong in sheltered workshops.

Youth culture and Generation Retard

Gothic Black, Paul Wallis books AmazonGeneration Retard is going to fail, catastrophically. It won’t get up again afterwards. The rust has extended to the brain.

Who cares what delusional “elites” conspire to do anything anymore. The patient is dead and the maggots are cashing in. (These suburban scum are elites? You’re kidding.)

Youth culture goes to a few predictable destinations:

  • College, followed by middle age, followed by nothing much.
  • Blue collar stop/start employment followed by middle age, followed by absolutely nothing.
  • Hood Land, where you’re just a statistic or somewhere to put the bullets. No way out or back, either.
  • It all comes with a soundtrack, a few STDs, and of course marriage, the supposed happy ending which usually ends unhappily in more than 50% of cases.

Nothing new. The myth is alive, if nothing else is. The non-existent nuclear family is still bleating merrily, the “community” (like there is one) is still thriving away in delightful poverty.

What good old days of youth culture? You’re envying the image, not the fact

In the so-called good old days, people scraped a living out of office jobs, blue collar jobs, and other chickenfeed existences.  Things were cheaper and safer. Hippies didn’t kill people. That’s the main reason the not-very-good old days are considered good at all. That’s a lot better than current “youth” is likely to do, though. This generation is already screwed to death.

The 1-5% of people who succeed are the exceptions, not the norm, in this culture. The rest is a form of theft. Fortunately, the rich usually don’t stay rich for long, so that’s something to look forward to, but while they’re there, guess who’s paying for it all.

As for the drugs – What, you ran out of lemonade? Even the stimulants are substandard. The self-destruction is scripted, like a bad soap opera. Ice and coke, the bubbles on the champagne, are nothing. They are destructive, but as “stimulants” they’re just burnout food. DIY liver problems at best, and no more.  If you hate yourself, your money and your liver, they’re great. For all else, consider a gun; it’s cheaper, far less painful and quicker.

Youth culture? If it was a cockroach you’d tread on it. You have a nice soundtrack of nursery rhymes and corpses, so you’re covered for the rest of your life. Literally. You have dead or ex-people telling you how to behave, how to think, and how to react.

No think = No person – No life.

If you’re under the age of 20, one thing you need to know: Life doesn’t give refunds. You can learn that now, or 20 years from now. The choice is yours.

What about your sprinkles, you twitch intelligently? Sure. It’s also known as carnivorous bullshit. See if you can avoid it. Meanwhile – Any theories on how that definition was achieved?

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