Regressionism, or how to stop living and start worrying


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamRegressionism is now fashionable. It’s the last refuge of the total loser, the escapism of the ignorant, and the curse of humanity. Trump didn’t start this. It’s been around throughout history. It’s also the intellectual maggot’s rear end of human existence. The longing for a non-existent past, wedded to a disgusting dishonesty. Most of the people who market this Nostalgia for Nobodies crap don’t believe in it any more than you do. It’s business, like anorexia, diabetes, and about as healthy as both combined.

Regressionism prognosis, aka boredom incarnate

Regression from the all-time highs of human civilization can only go one way. Exactly where it shouldn’t go; down the drain/sewer/monologue. We have a situation where literally anything is plausible, based on some sort of spiel from the vast gap in understanding.

This is also business; it’s all about doing the demonstrably insane in the name of money. Call it religion, call it finance, call it obscene. Take one more look, and you can see it’s inevitable. Train people to be grotesque, and they’ll be as grotesque as they know how to be, because that’s literally all they know. Society has been churning out the no-think citizens like French fries for decades.

How else could you convince people to eat toxic food, breathe toxic air, pay a fortune for toxic education, and call nursery rhymes with kitchen appliance backing tracks music? How else could you believe people who’ve spent the last few decades hating the public are somehow going to save it?

Regressionism is nothing new. It's been around since Candide was written.

Regressionism is nothing new. It’s been around since Candide was written.

Regressionism is turning in to a way of life, globally, mainly because it’s being presented as a credible option. There’s no need to recite the endless examples of people who have never heard of basic rights or anything else in that range of products.  To regressionism, god is a spreadsheet and an expensive career path to nowhere but more of the same. That’s the reality for so many people, and much as that sucks, they understand it better than a nebulous future they can’t see.

Consider a world where nothing is possible and being a human being is simply irrelevant. You’ve got it. This is Snowball Earth, for any kind of progress. It’s buried under the glacial ice of a middle class ideal which even at its best barely aspired to be much more than a commercial for itself.

Regressionism vs Progressive

Progressives please note –

Delivery of change has to be tangible, clearly marked, and accessible.  

Above all, progress has to be inclusive and credible.

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam,It can’t be just another damn ideological billboard for nothing. The brand  image of the remote know it all, completely wrong or not, is hardly reassuring to people who don’t even know who you are.

The bad habit of ten dollar words (you can get change out of ten dollars, remember?) which simply make people feel left out and looking stupid is no great asset, either. Tell someone trying to find something to eat that they should “consider personal imperatives in an existential context” and you deserve to have rocks thrown at you.

To quote one of the most useful questions ever asked – “Who needs it?” Who needs progress? Everyone. Do they know why they need it? Obviously not. Get the damn act together, and prove it.


Regressionism weaknesses

Regressionism does have a built-in self-destruct. The other lesson of history, that thing you’ve been trained to ignore, is that it never lasts beyond a cut-off point. The cut-off is when the regression is made obsolete. The culture of the 80s, for example, crashed when digitization came in.

That’s good news. It’d be easy to replace this tedious load of senile, smug dysfunction with damn near anything that delivers. All you need is something which makes money and provides any kind of financial or other practical freedom.

Regressionism has another fatal weakness. It fights progress, which is also inevitable. Eventually, it’s out of step with any kind of functional reality. Bottom lines don’t take prisoners. The same people now promoting regressionism as a cure for everything  that makes life worth living will be the first to jump on the bandwagon of the next wave.

Are regressionists stupid? No. They’re facile, two dimensional, and utterly useless to anyone but themselves. That, in fact, is the formula for success in regressionism, banal as it is.  In this game of historical poker, low cards can win, if there’s enough of them, and unfortunately for humanity, they know that.

They’re also totally disloyal, untrustworthy, and self-serving. You wouldn’t trust these people anywhere near your toilet. They support nothing but themselves. If progress delivers for them, they’re all in favour of it. Regressionism, like disco, will be gone in seconds the minute some hard cash shows up.

This will end, probably sooner rather than later. Regressionism has a very short shelf life, even when based on nothing but profitability. The only reaction possible now is change. Whether it comes in four years or eight years in the US or anywhere else, the Dunkin Donut phase is now running.

The pity of it is that humanity always seems to do everything the hard way. It would be easy, now, to create a very comfortable, safe, clean world. Even poverty, humanity’s worst and most relentless enemy, could be wiped out. All that needs to happen is someone doing things right. Any bets on when that’ll happen?

Meltdown coming? Bet your farce.


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamCheck out the Western world, 2016; aka no functional societies, no sanity, no ideas. As America asks “How red is your neck?” (now required for public office) and Britain staggers deliriously to a total lack of direction (a big improvement on being a super power) we can say that Western “culture” has oozed down the drain to meltdown stage.

The media babbles mindlessly about WASP elites. They’re barely qualified to be cat food, but what the hey. The “progressive” media (nice going, idiots) dabbles in everything but the working machinery of human life, while the dumb but organized nutcase media focus on disinformation – And it works.

2016 US elections, sydney media jam

Who needs reality anyway, when you’ve got American media?

I have to say, nothing in years has matched the drab, certainty of another self-inflicted American disaster on itself. Call it Takeover Day, call it Makeover Day, call it Fakeover Day, there’s already a market crash. That’s before anything else happens.

This is the fabulous Western world, home of toxic fast food, non-existent health and education, and wars that home deliver themselves. If you’re actually insane and rabidly in favor of anything, it’s the equivalent of a Nobel Prize to the super-dumb.

Formula for a meltdown? Take your pick.

There are several ways a global meltdown could happen:

  • World War 3 – Now unfashionable, but arguably better than the slow genocide of Western politics and economics. Unlikely, however, since everyone but America seems to prefer to be alive but not broke and insane.
  • Terminal financial crash – As though all those geniuses could figure out a way to do that. The most likely total trash scenario. Wars can only kill you; financial crashes may you pay for them, too. Remember to get your receipt.
  • Multiple wars – A dull, predictable option, but a great way of ensuring global peace is just an expression. Eventually, they’ll run out of people, and even people pretending to be people.
  • Massive plague – Stylish, chic, and perfect for the People Who Refuse to Understand Everything.
  • Toxic air – A likely scenario, but not marketable until you can actually see the toxic air, like in Beijing, Delhi, South East Asia, etc. This option therefore has fewer sponsors.  The good news is that the world will be like Beijing in a few minutes.
  • Death by imbecile TV and useless porn – Not believed possible until 2016, this is a very efficient way of making the world great for some future species.

Alternatives? Not really. Can you believe the collection of lost KFC buckets in corporate, financial and political power could possibly find a solution to anything? Just grab a packet of something mildly xenophobic, outdated, and useless, and wait for your choice of meltdown. Bet on the result – How can you lose?

America in times of madness


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamIt’s election year, 2016. Get up and read the latest totally false insanity. Watch America turn itself in to a hideous joke. Wade through the deranged social media crap. Read some poor bastard who thinks there’s any sanity left.

In times of madness, it’s reality which is made incomprehensible. If you’re prepared to believe anything at all, what use is reality to you? It’d only get in the way.

America’s relationship with reality is a sort of vague acquaintanceship. America seems to go shopping for reality. If it’s not in stock, they get something else, like a matching catastrophe.

America accessorizes catastrophes like some sad little fashion advisory:

  • Wall Street
  • Big Oil
  • Big Pharma
  • Big Education
  • Big Politics
  • List of corporations which budget for breaches of law in the billions
  • Poverty
  • Crime
  • Health
  • “Education” – You think?

It’s one hell of an ensemble. Imagine going to a red carpet event wearing dead kids, rotting garbage, and a large amount of designer diseases. Then imagine proving that your sanity is as good as your fashion sense.

  • In the 1960s, America went from Camelot to Vietnam.
  • In the 1970s, it went from Vietnam to Watergate.
  • In the 1980s, from Greed is Good to turning the country in to a crack house.
  • In the 1990s, to war again, with happy, sparkly contractors and more wars.
  • In the 2000s, from 911 to venal oil companies owning blocs of politicians.
  • In the 2010s, it went to a hysterical nuthouse swimming in massacres, pandemics and toxic waste.

American ValhallaThe fashion sense hasn’t changed much. Wearing nutcases as your national mascots is now top of the line style, with the rest of the baggage.  The most deranged statements are now accepted as fact, with no need for proof of any kind.

The really scary thing is that all those decades of total failure have taught absolutely nothing. Nobody seems to be thinking about how much worse it can get. …And it will. This tired, neglected edifice is already rotting to the core. The big ideals don’t fit in to very small minds. The people who created the problems are expected to fix the problems, when they can barely get out a press release without a major disaster.

The other side of the equation is just as bad. You can’t do the basics when the basics are too hard to understand because you’re too pitifully educated, and too lazy/stupid/pig-ignorant to understand them. The public is its own worst enemy.

Hey!Fresh new disasters are the likely result of this hideous descent in to total failure at all levels. How many gibbering maniacs does it take to achieve total failure? How many absolute fools does it take to destroy a nation? We now know. All these guys do is mass produce failure.

The real worry is 2020. How will they ever top this? Genocide? Nobody would notice, and anyway, they’re already doing that with health. Plagues, ditto. Already have plenty of those. Wars, too. Having made the world safe for plutocracy, they seem to have run out of options, as well as ideas.

It’s going to be hard to beat the rabid lunacy of 2016 with mere mass national self-extermination. The sheer stench of this election will be remembered for a long time. About all they could do is dismantle the country entirely. Don’t be too surprised to see the official rebirth of the Confederacy, (originality isn’t much in demand) a war with Texas (at least it’s closer), and some really crappy talent shows, (what a surprise).

How unexpected. The working theory is this:

  • Freedom attracts greatness.
  • Greatness creates wealth.
  • Wealth attracts parasites.
  • Parasites destroy everything that provides them with their resources.

Here’s another thought:

Screw this.

You have nothing to lose by telling it all to go to hell.

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