Hey morons – You call this slop web content?


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamI’m one of the lucky souls who has to clean up alleged web content writing. I’ve been doing this for a long time. The global standard is getting worse by the second. Given the nitpicking, ponderous and counter-productive nature of some web content writing organisations, it’s fascinating.

So many organisations put so much emphasis on attention to detail. They then prove conclusively that they don’t even know what that expression means.

It would be laughable, if large amounts of potential damage weren’t being done every second by lousy content.

Commercial web content writing basics

The most notable thing about lousy web content writing is the sheer lack of interest in quality of information. Content is King, and this rubbish barely qualifies as a pawn.

Let’s lay out the basics:

  • Anything you put online can be called advertising, particularly if it relates to products, services, or transactions of any kind.
  • Advertising is covered by law and consumer law.
  • These laws expose your clients to significant liabilities if information is incorrect, misleading, or otherwise false.

So, bunnykins, who would you say is liable for massive cluster slop fests in content production? Could it be you?

Interesting question, isn’t it?

Professional web content writing 101

Now let’s get down to the professional side of it. I’ll use small words so that the sadly educated and otherwise brain dead can understand what follows.

What you would you say constitutes professionalism in web content writing?

Could it be:

  • The slightest attempt to understand the subjects, the products, and the information required?
  • Some level of vague interest in whether or not what you’re writing makes sense?
  • Perhaps even some despairing attempt to punctuate and keep content in context?
  • Maybe even some wild, irresponsible attempt to find out what you’re talking about?

web content writingIf that’s too much trouble, get out of the game. You don’t belong here. You are working with other people’s businesses, their livelihoods, and God help us all, their futures.

If you don’t have the decency or the basic personal and professional integrity to try and get your work right, get lost, now. Go into Wall Street or some other mass murdering, insane industry where your skills, or rather the lack of them, are desperately needed.

Typos and grammar be damned. We’re not talking about trivial mistakes here; we’re talking about absolute crap. If you don’t know how to do a job, why are you doing it?

Why are you even pretending that you can?

I can forgive inexperience, lack of information, problems with gaga/illiterate clients, and the usual flora and fauna of web content writing. I cannot, however, see any reason why anyone would forgive writing at a level which even a grade school for cockroaches couldn’t overlook.

You’re also doing nothing for real writers or the writing profession. It’s no wonder that an organisation like Fiverr can charge peanuts for writing work. Expectations are so low, thanks to you clowns, that $5 is what people think web content writing is worth.

Frankly, I think that $5 is overcharging for some of the stuff I’ve been seeing lately. How the hell can anyone pretend to be a writer, and write rubbish like that?

Get your fingers out, try to take your writing seriously, (I’ll be interested to hear how that pans out) and do your jobs properly. This level of global slop is absolutely inexcusable.

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