Stupidity – A User’s Guide


Paul Wallis, Sydney Media JamStupidity is a strange thing.Any situation may start the thinking which becomes the reason for stupidity.

Clear as mud? Or too obvious for words? Both. Stupid people are stupid by nature. But intelligent people can make stupid mistakes nobody else would think of. Everyone does something they think is stupid. Everyone does something other people think is stupid. ‘

So stupidity is in fact pretty much more a probability than a problem. The question isn’t what to do about stupidity. It’s about what to do with stupidity.

  • What sort of uses could stupidity have?
  • How does a worthless trait become valuable?
  • Can stupidity be made a sustainable resource?
  • Can stupidity be turned in to an industry?
  • How do you market stupidity to buyers?
  • Should stupidity be taxed?

American Valhalla title pageAs you can see, the usual logic of making an asset of stupidity applies quite well to modern market culture. In fact, it drags the whole idea of stupidity down to the level of market logic.

But –  It is possible to market stupidity and make it valuable, and solve the world’s problems as well.

For example –

  • Persuading people to buy a lifetime’s worth of worthless, and often useless, products.
  • Encouraging behaviors and transactions that serve no useful purpose but to move money around and get people chasing it.
  • Helping people go broke getting a career, an education, or a life.
  • Helping stupid people enter politics, corporate cultures and other insane cults.
  • Helping people understand that stupid things lead to stupid things, and that even if everything is stupid, it’s perfectly normal.
Paul Wallis books, sydney media jam

This book is all about creative ideas. Nobody has yet died of reading it, but it’s a pretty tough call for those not familiar with working with ideas.

As you can see, the effect of this approach is for stupidity to take up a lot of time and space in people’s lives. It makes the people and their actions predictable. Each action requires a lot of economic activity. Actual stupidity can be exchanged in the form of stupid transactions. This means it’s possible to compile metrics to measure and value stupidity.

The beauty of this scheme is that it effectively consumes the entire lives of people engaged in stupid things. These people are kept occupied in harmless ways. Their stupidity is their lives.

Better still – This “Stupidity Cycle” of almost compulsory behaviors means they can’t interfere with important things that might not be stupid. They may be aware of the un-stupid things, but can’t participate, because they’re actually too busy being stupid.

Manufacturing stupidity

This is an effective way of removing people from reality and creating a commodity which is based on manipulating stupidity directly. Stupidity designers and manufacturers will have to create living stupidity and inject it in to the society. This stupidity, combined with intelligent, responsive crap of all kinds.

Manufacturing stupidity is easy:

  • Promoting stupid situations to encourage stupidity production through misinformation, advertising, focus groups and other knowledge vacuums.
  • Get rich quick schemes are great stupidity growers; this traditional form of stupidity can be relied upon to generate almost infinite economic growth.
  • Reducing the range of people’s thinking to moments on a screen also works well.

You get the idea. The inevitable biological processes of people doing stupid things will generate the situations where more stupidity is absolutely essential. Fortunes can be made with absolute certainty.

….Provided you’re not stupid…

Paul Wallis, Sydney Media Jam, Paul Wallis books