Who killed the 60s counterculture?


Wasp2If you think about “culture”, that ridiculous definition of a social state, there’s only one culture now – A criminal culture. Everything, including your kids and your self-respect, is all about money, getting money, and spending money. It’s about as primitive as you can get without actually getting down on all fours.

The original counterculture of the 60s included things like a Diggers San Francisco free store, which if you think about it for a second, is just efficiency at work. Stuff is given to those who need it or want it. The emphasis was on a natural, productive, positive social development.

That also applied to a world view. Other people weren’t the enemy. The old sixties joke, “Join the army, see the world, meet interesting people – And kill them” was as true for the minds of the generation of Vietnam-maimed veterans as their dead friends and relatives.

Global media, the only whore in history which is all holes, played its part in all the “debate” about the counterculture. No rational debate was ever conducted. It was all about “kids”, not “people”. The counterculture was instantly labelled “infantile”, despite a virtual army of sympathetic adults, academics, and people who certainly weren’t kids chronologically.

Pic max effects1If you check out the studies of the counterculture, it’s all about drugs and specific subjects like free love, the “moral” antitheses of the moribund Christian culture since the Dark Ages. Media, as usual, decided what was an issue and what wasn’t. Democracy not at work.

Hippies weren’t beats. Beats were better able to handle, and avoid, the meat grinder of media, which was usually out of its depth talking to them about anything. Kerouac and others were a bit too intellectual for the average media slob to really argue with.

Mass meetings of people wearing strange clothes, however, and not backed up by fashion labels, however, were easy targets. “These guys don’t wear suits. The women don’t spend 5 hours a day to look like a TV commercial. There’s something wrong with these people” was a pretty easy message to sell.

In one of the greatest disservices to humanity since World Wars 1 and 2, also media wars, global media publicized every negative it could find. The Sharon Tate murder and Altamont were real gifts to this extremely hostile media. Every negative event was a sign that it was all over. The alternative was basically the Las Vegas culture, full of possible cash, suits, and drunks, two dimensional and entirely unreal.

The counterculture was aspirational, by definition. The Main Street culture was told that aspirations were the same thing as hallucinations. Stupidly, the mainstream culture believed that. Ironically, for the 99%, aspirations actually are now hallucinations. Particularly any aspirations about having a decent, clean world to live in.

God only knows what a 21st century America not full of guns, diseases, nuts, and criminals would look like. If it had taken hold, this would be a very different world. The whole of the West would have taken it up. It would have been unstoppable, a sort of democratically-based global enlightenment.

Job page 16But – this was the culture which made sure that didn’t happen. People weren’t allowed to be sane, not kill people, and not be money grubbing little jerks. It was basically the McCarthy machinery, in effect, just working on another subject. Like now, the media targeted the illiterate, the greedy, and the perverse.

On the other side of the equation – Try creating a whole new human culture in a supermarket. Not easy. This is a machine which isn’t geared for that sort of thing. You go in to get groceries. The groceries would have to be free to make the idea take and see the bigger idea as a practical option. They weren’t.

Imagine, however, feeling threatened by a culture where the most dangerous thing likely to happen to you was a new painting, song, or some sort of performance art. Absurd, but that was the Fear Factor for those times.

Also ironically, some of the older generation, notably veterans and their families, weren’t particularly against what they understood. People not killing each other made sense. People being happy made sense. It was how it was done.

You also have to remember that the Greatest Generation was made up of people who grew up with very basic things, if any. They never really had it easy. The luxuries of the Baby Boom were their products, but they didn’t really get much of a share in those things. Their entertainment was the Depression, the war, and the howling mania of McCarthyism and Hooverism. The Vietnam vets found out first hand how much their proxy dictators cared about them.

DR MARYPropaganda oozed out of every geriatric crevice in American media. Hysterical old fools, dictating to a generation and future generations. This was a secret society, a real one, and you’ll never read more than a word or two per book about what actually happened. Nixon was the teddy bear of this society. You’ll rarely see much about the actual associations, the historical and ongoing role of organized crime in US government, and other basics. Read Doctor Mary’s Monkey for a rather nauseating, but unique, high content value taste of the other side of Darth Vader’s America of the Sixties. It’s disgusting, but it’s pretty right.

The parents of the hippies, however, weren’t necessarily for or against the counterculture, more just wary. When grass and LSD became illegal, they were suspicious of the natural association with criminals. Their life experience said “watch out for scams and scum”, which turned out to be pretty right. The more educated older people could see trouble, and they got that right, too, even if they didn’t quite see how it happened.

It would take a lot more space than a blog provides, a fantastic amount of research, maybe a lot of court orders, and some pretty fabulous journalism to unmask the people who killed the counterculture. These are the people who sent humanity back to the cultural Stone Age with iPhones and absurd, impossible life options.

BarbariansForget conspiracy theories. The conspiracies were already up and fully operational decades ago; this is just the result. Forget politics; politicians are just the mailroom clerks of the real working machinery. The attack on the counterculture was primitive. It was aimed at constants like human ignorance, fear of change, and people with limited abilities to de-tangle lies and illogic.

Media, bless its gutless little pointed head, also failed to kill the counter culture. It simply stated it was dead and expected to be believed. The other myth, interestingly, is that the counterculture died. It didn’t. “Old hippies” are still pretty much the same. The real results, like feminism, consumer rights, civil rights, EEO, OHS, etc. are still going, if erratically and with a lack of focus.

The counterculture didn’t die, in practice. It’s now the Golden Age for people who weren’t there, as well as those who were. It’s a glimpse of aspirations, and that’s all people really need. A less threatening, less insane world wouldn’t be hard to sell to anyone.

The war to retake humanity has only just started. IS, Wall Street, US politics, neocons, organized crime and corruption, it’s all the same, senile, useless thing with different labels. It’s also still the enemy of a working version of humanity.

Suggestions for the current generation –

Ditch the norms, they’re meaningless.

Occupy yourself  and be who you need to be; all else will follow.




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How to explain a book to people who don’t read



Wasp2“What is it?” asked the commuters on the train, now stalled for nearly an hour in a tunnel.

“It’s a book,” answered the lone, somewhat irritated, reader. The other commuters were bored and had eventually noticed the only person not talking.

More questions about the book naturally followed:


What does it do?

Will it go with my hairstyle?

Does it tell me how to fight the 412 visible signs of indecisiveness?

Does it tell me how to dodge street gangs?

Does it tell me how to find a job where I might make money?

Does it cook food?

Can I use it to look like I’m smart and pick up chicks?

Does it kill rats?

Does it have magic spells?

Should a lawyer be seen reading it?

How does it make me smarter?

Job page 23


The reader didn’t answer. It so happened that the book was a rather penetrant, cynical thing, which kept readers in a constant state of reflection on the human race. Unethical as this may sound, it was also a very good, interesting book. The reader didn’t want to discuss it with them and held a furious internal debate about how to respond.


Deciding that the easiest way to get out of the questions was to ask a question:

“Don’t you guys read?”

Haven’t got the time.

I’m usually out on dates.

I’m usually out of my mind.

I can’t make up my mind what to read.

I don’t know why I should read. Other people can read for me.

I’m too busy.

I need something I can eat with.

I don’t want to commit my mind to something like reading. It may be illegal.

I read things to make me smarter.

The train started moving. The commuters cheered. One of them thought to ask the reader what the name of the book was.

“Brave New World”, said the reader.

It really was the best way to explain a book to non-readers – Don’t.




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Carnivorous typos? New data!

Wasp2The rumors of carnivorous typos need to be taken seriously. There’s nothing which can take a big chunk out of a good bit of text, or your comprehension,  like a good typo. They’re the Jaws of literature. Typos naturally devour other text, and are great for conspiracy theories. The natural progression to eating people is hardly a revelation.

In the modern Post-Relevance Era, typos may also be considered a natural progression of healthy evolution in to a completely incoherent state. (Well, what’s relevance ever done for anyone, anyway?) Some people consider typos a sort of human right.

Ad hoc Threat-Hamster coverTypos, in fact, are as prevalent as bacteria and viruses, and very much a part of the evolution of human culture. If it wasn’t for typos, all those millions of people who drool happily at phrases like “meticulous attention to detail” wouldn’t even exist. They may not notice the world ending, but give them some text to bitch about, and they’re able to breed in their millions.

The devil is in the detail, of course. According to a basic rule of thumb, 5% of all data entered is wrong. Data typos are the most common. Fat finger, call it what you will, or drifting off to some world where life exists, typos are part of reality.

The paleontology of typos

You're looking sane todayAfter waiting for some time until a species able to host typos evolved, the typos arose from the timeless muck of consciousness and stalked the land. Great were their aspirations, and great were their applications.

According to theory, early typos were very much limited by early human lack of vocabulary, and the difficulty of writing on stone tablets. Since most people couldn’t read, the typos lacked a proper environment in which to evolve. These typos, in pictographs or cuneiform, photosynthesized along until Indian, Chinese, and European typos began to specialize.

They saw their chance through philosophy and the rise of modern science, in which being inarticulate and staggeringly verbose gave scope for much more wide ranging typos, particularly in basic concepts:

Newton’s Law of Gravy. (Later known as Brownian motion, or Gravox.)

“I think, therefore I Um…” (Cogito, ergo sum thing or other, in the original)

A snitch in time saves nine. (Now part of penal codes worldwide.)

No free lynch. (Cheap bastards.)

You don’t get something for anything. (You don’t say?)

The High Council of Typos: Beginnings of a typo-based society

Are we poor enough yet page 9The typos, tired of waiting for humans to do so, evolved their own civilization. (Let’s face it; civilization has always been a hit or miss affair, usually missing.) The High Council of Typos was formed to systematize typos in all languages.

These were originally duly elected typos, but membership of the High Council is now based on the Apostrophe Succession principle we see in the word “its”, which is now impossible to write correctly.

From this came the basic principles of typo society and new forms of typo:

The transmigration of typos to other contexts – See English language, before it finishes digging that tunnel.

Multi tsking – The sacred right of everyone to go “tsk” when reading anything.

The art of the “hinterview” – In which readers, journalists, publicists and editors flail around trying to get a hint of what the interviewee is talking about.

Verbal typos – Escaping from text to rule the land, mainly because fish don’t do a lot of reading.

Uddervertising – Mainly confined to mammals and used to prove that boobs covering thousands of square miles are necessary when buying furniture or anything else. This is a cultural typo, in which context, syntax and all else are entirely unnecessary.

Public Relations – Part of the enchanting myth that anyone wants anything to do with the public. This is a sort of socio-conceptual typo.

Job page 24So, is it any wonder that typos have become carnivorous? If a Typorannosaurus were to evolve, feasting on the fat, steaming carcasses of languages, wouldn’t it make a lot of sense? Wouldn’t it tidy up all that verbal carrion and lead to smarter, more agile, more robust creatures of language? Would not a Typoceratops also evolve, defending its right to chew on the foliage of ancient recycled verbal crud?


To quote some poor bastard – Ask not for whom the bowel tolls. The food industry does a lot of verbiage, too.

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The Four Ts of Advertising, and why it doesn’t work


Wasp2If marketing has the “Four Ps”, advertising in its current form has the “Four Ts”- Turgid, tragic, tired, and terminal. Advertising is trying to be an end in itself, and it’s blowing it, badly.

Saturation advertising only makes real sense if you’re trying to get a campaign across. Even then, you don’t need to eat up air time. 90% of the audience won’t be interested after the second ad. Those interested don’t really need to be told the same thing endlessly.

Yet, in the “turgid” category, that’s what happens. Enormous sums are spent to tell people something they already know, and more to the point, know what they think about it. Even direct marketing doesn’t sink to these depths. Continue reading

21st century Bohemian evolution – Survival tactics


cropped-GREEN-AND-WHITE-SNOWSTORM-2.jpgJust to annoy everybody, let’s revive a term – “Bohemian”, aka Boho. I’m going to use “Bohemian” because using three or more syllables upsets so many journalists, slavish cultural dogmatists, and the sort of imitation people who browbeat bright kids in school and college. Suck on it, jock scum.

(If you want to drive these infinitely dumbing down peasants absolutely nuts, you need only get to about 10 on the Flesch-Kincaid scale. They foam at the mouth and start writing press releases and other fiction.)

Let’s define Bohemians. Bohemians are their own mental product, not necessarily born or made, developed from some passion or affinity. They’re real people, with real tastes and cultural understanding. They aren’t a demographic as such, another appealing feature. They can’t be classified.

In the drab, primitive, regressive early 21st century, to be a Bohemian is now a very strange cultural position. This position has survived the overload of pseudo-Bohemian dreck of the 20th century quite credibly by ignoring it. It’s interesting to think that a 14 year old Bohemian, born in 2000, has more cultural stamina than most major media outlets. Continue reading

Lost your mind? Congratulations!


Mass Media page 5… And in what dull recess of life did you lose the poor, neglected, little thing? Some hint of failure, some twitching vanity, or a mere fatal shudder one day as the mirror sneered? Did the trudge to consciousness take a short cut to work and find itself lost, or was that uninvited thing we call the world leering at your open wounds again?

What did you do about it? Did your mind demand sanctuary at the supermarket like a pilgrim, or salvation, like a can of beans? Did you stray into a bookshop hoping to die of fear? Did you hear some jingle that turned into a ringtone on your soul’s answering service and gave hope for a message from the mind you used to have?

So you lost your mind – How did it happen? Were you drowned in your own logic or simply suffocated by pointless wisdom acquired from fools? Was that one extra thought too much, or too little? Did you not use the ancient defence to run away from your thoughts? Were there no crevices of credulity in which to hide?

Mass Media page 1Did anyone try to help? Did you get the necessary clichés required for sanity, or starve from lack of reassurance? Did your friends not tell you that everything is all right as long as you can maintain your mind with saintly middle class ignorance? Weren’t you told that life may kill, and only stupidity is truly safe?

Don’t you know the healing ritual for those who’ve lost their minds? Can’t you cower in minutiae like a normal person? Can’t you create those sickly fantasies of catalogues of nothing which make life worthwhile? Are you unable to worship futility in all its many time consuming facets?

I know where your mind has gone, and you should be truly ashamed as a member of glorious humanity of the depths to which it has descended-

It’s run away to that place where watchful souls go to be alone, like it had a right to do so.

It’s escaped to its own frame of reference, deliberately forsaking the calm certainties of the eternal death .

Job page 19It’s tunnelled its way out of the sweetly murderous gulag of acceptance.

It’s used treacherous doubt to gun down its guards.

It’s found a cave in which instincts, those terrifying ghosts, can assert themselves.

It’s eating raw ideas, dancing on possibilities, and holding orgies of self.

Say 200 Hail Walmarts and call me in the morning to return to mediocrity. Or better still, don’t. Just catch up with your mind. It’s not lost – you are.

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Macro for annoying people under high stress



Well, Hellosies and snifflesy-wifflesy from Bleak Boors.com! We’d like to patronize the crap out of you right now with our urbane load of smug, mindless claptrap!

Lucky you!

We offer a 289 stage easy program of recycled crud from any damn rich moron who’s never had a moment’s grief or stress in their lives.

Our program includes:

  • Helpful seminars conducted at your handy local toxic waste dumps!
  • Gargoyle presenters who could frighten a necrophiliac in to a life of celibacy!
  • Incomprehensible texts to help you plan your “life”!
  • Demeaning and dismissive trained support staff to ignore everything you say!
  • People with bits of metal they bang together 24/7 in your ears!
  • Certified scumbags to act as mentors, advisors, and gossips regarding your every move!
  • Handy mental health supplements and nutrients hand made by our folks in Somalia and Chernobyl!

Yes, you whimsical and preferably suicidal bastard, we’ve got it all for you right here!

Case Studies about stress? We gots goods case studies!

Chester Vludge, part time coathanger and serial truckstop diner reject, says:

Mimbly_Tales_Cover_for_Kindle(1) 300PPII used to own a few Fortune 500 companies. It was really stress stuff, like. Then I met Bleak Boors.com founder (indecipherable, untraceable, and unpronounceable name here) at a spaniel orgy. We got talking, like people stuck together by spaniels in chandeliers do, and he advised me to try their great 289 stage program.

Now, I live a few miles outside Albuquerque, I think, and I feel much better than all those roadkills I see when that glowing thing shows up in the sky. Bleak Boors.com showed me the way to a better drainage ditch.


Mamie van Removal, executive mildew at Goshitsfabulous Inc., a New Age military industrial dry cleaning and cosmetic supplier for many famous wars, says:

It wuz the cats what did it. Stop trying to nail that faux chicken to me, Gordon. I met Bleak Boors.com CEO @#$@#$@#@%$~ when the cats threw me out of the dumpster. I was under a lot of stress, and garbage. He showed me how to monetize my filth and redeem my lost values of unbridled AAAAAAAAAGGGGH in a meaningful way. Now I’m back on my pseudopodia, and an executive, too! What do you mean, pay you for the chicken, Gordon….?


Trivialarse McPhee, obsessive pensioner re-upholsterer from Texas, despite many requests, says:

American Valhalla page 26Me now know thing. Me was head of Super PAC. Me face-noise make with Bleak Boors.com CEO guy called x = (5ynoitdoesn’t) ‘bout things in head that go D’hyerdy hyerp, D’hyerdy hyerp, all the time, for $25 million fee. Big stress cow like. Him talk head at me not need D’hyerdy hyerp. Me give him $50 million instead, and he help me set up pensioner reupholstering businoose. Me must go flay away now, them pensioners won’t skin they-selves.


Zoom Gloom Kaboom, NYC’s leading cockroach chaperone and first person on Earth to win the Nobel Prize for taking himself out with a bagel says:

Waal gosh ‘n sickening related inferences! I was just falling to bits with all the stress from the chaperoning and the various nerve agents in the insecticides and 352 divorces. Met my pal Bleak Boors CEO, Mr. Under the Fridge O’Riley in a dead rat’s guts, and he told me about their super-easy 289 stage program and the minute they heard about it, every damn cockroach in the place moved out. Man, was I screwed, but it was worth it, because now I got all that nice anticholinesterase for myself!


Tedium Snort, beauty consultant and simpering weapons advisor of Los Alamos Memorial Testing Grounds, says:

I was Miss Missing Basketballs USA. I was under so much stress to be beautiful and vacuous that NBA people had to use antihistamines to talk to me. Nobody cared, until I met Bleak Boors CEO Taxi Dermatitis at a party under a congressman. He told me all about Bleak Boors.com fabulous 289 easy backstage program. Without him I wouldn’t have all these exciting new plagues to play with, and my stress is completely gone. It ran away… Was that OK, honey? Oh, yeah, the treacle….

For more information and as much verbiage as you can fit in to your lower colon without actually getting accused of working in Public Relations see our special discount lifetime offer! It’s your life, and we discount it – pretty much entirely- for you!





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‘You’re Looking Sane Today’ author denies attempt to cause global sanity


You're looking sane todayThe author of this blog has had to rebut suggestions that the book, You’re Looking Sane Today is a deliberate attempt to persuade people to adopt sanity as a lifestyle choice, intentionally or otherwise.

The allegations stem from various passages in which the idea of being sane is seen as a legitimate personal achievement. This idea is generally seen as impractical among humans and many other mammals. Some critics consider it unreasonable.

In an interview with notorious vigilante web posters The Grinding Times, author Paul Wallis said:

“I don’t know what the fuss is about”, said Wallis from his typical teenage freelance writer 2000 square mile solid gold bathroom, surrounded by bimbos and sending suggestive messages in empty chardonnay bottles to women in other parts of the bath over the horizon.

“In fact, I’m more than a bit surprised that anyone would think that a freelance writer could, or would, seriously advocate sanity, even theoretically. What’s in it for me? Just read my books and you’ll see no suggestion of sanity, actual or implied. Why inflict readers with an impossible task? How could they possibly benefit?”

“I even wrote a story about How not to be Omniscient*, (Mimbly Tales) to prevent accidental sanity.

How could a story which includes telling British police how not to be omniscient using the word “Vothsnathwuthsnuthfruthswablledroneyflads” be useful for anything under any circumstances? I’m quite offended. I think my track record speaks for itself, frankly.”

Critics weren’t appeased or reassured by the denial.

Unasked supporters of the IMF, World Bank and some other neophyte commentators suggested that the trouble was that You’re Looking Sane Today “contained the “implied threat of sanity”, which was read by market watchers as a sign of a new EU bailout.

Wallis was unavailable for comment owing to “total lack of interest”, according to sources in other trees.

*Illiterate Syntax Bereft Press 2013, reproduced here on SMJ blog by permission for some not very convincing reason.LOGO with Sydney Media Jam edit 300PPI


Demythologising self-publishing


Readers please be advised – There’s a lot of rant in this, based on personal experience. Antihistamines and religious vows may be required to read.

Job page 13There are endless myths about self-publishing circulating in the vast vacant spaces of the publishing industry and related media. The fact that these myths are largely self-serving and irrelevant is neither here nor there. Fact of these myths are damaging to self-published authors, however is relevant.

The so-called “vanity press” has nothing to do with vanity. It’s all about giving yourself an opportunity when nobody else will. Anybody who’s ever read a self-published book, typos and all, and that’s millions of people, would be very likely to disagree that authors self-publish purely for egotistical reasons. Continue reading