If at some future date a situation like this arises, it would be nice to know what a more rational version
    of the human race does about it. In the 19th century, Napoleon, the ultimate immediate effect of the
    French Revolution, and its most conspicuous contradiction, was cited as the cause of the wars. It’s a
    real pleasure to point out that a republican revolution, producing an emperor, was the cause of other
    emperors deciding to fight wars against him, in the name of restoring a spent monarchy that nobody
    wanted. In fact, they’d all been fighting wars against the Bourbons since well before Napoleon. It does
    take two sides to fight a war, even if neither have any real idea why they’re fighting it, or for what. It will
    be noted from this delicately phrased theory that human mentality is perfectly capable of creating
    reasons for people to get killed without any assistance whatsoever from actual facts.      

    From War Is A State Of Mind

    If you've ever seen under a kitchen sink where plagues of
    cockroaches wallow in their own shit, that's what modern
    culture looks like to me.

    The most bizarre thing about culture jamming is how much
    of it involves simply reasserting basic cultural needs. There
    is no culture.  It's beyond ridicule. What's being jammed is
    an anti-culture full of subhuman media pets and other

    To tolerate is to accept. It's not acceptable. The only way to
    reinstall culture is to destroy the anti-culture.

This thing is called A Meeting in Infinity

Ring any bells?
"Away from the office". Don't
you love that someone can
inflict you with their bio and
pictures like this, too?
This is a picture of dried roots,
with graphic effects. Love the
complexity of the root system
and the light.

Sometimes you just have to go
with an idea and see what
happens. I still have no idea
what this is.
This thing is quite odd. I actually did it properly,
from background to foreground. That's instead of
spraying things all over to see what happened.
Might get something right again, perhaps.

I first drew this thing decades ago, and this is a
sort of second attempt. If you were to ask me
why I drew a wasp, I don't know. I do know that
every single line on the thing went right, which
was quite a surprise.
This is one of the very first of what turned in
to a much bigger idea called
Unfamiliar Art.  
The theory of Unfamiliar Art is to look for new
shapes, rather than familiar shapes, and new

The unfamiliar aspect is also the unknown,
therefore more useful for advancing
knowledge and aesthetics. How's that for a
convincing argument?