Generation Z- About to hit
the wall in a big way
Generation Z is currently in primary school. They’re being
totally ignored, as this ridiculous game show of a world
babbles on about problems it’s never going to solve. While
sucking on the poison teats of media and taking sides from a
range of choices of bullshit, nobody’s doing much more than
talking inconsequentially about “the children”, as usual.

Generation Z is going to have to find their own way. Their
immaculately broke parents, Generations X and Y, won’t be
able to do much for them. Never mind Freakonomics, it’s too
real and too rational for the plague of morons running this world.
Fuckwitonomics has taken over. Hardship is now the norm,
and for Generation Z, with no jobs and endlessly documented
political brilliance as their guides, they’ll be able to go from
catastrophe to catastrophe fully informed.

No planning, no real security, no real options. Sound familiar?
Sleazebags and corruption from horizon to horizon. Also
familiar? What a coincidence.

This is the current working scenario for Generation Z:

•        Social equity: None.
•        Social sanity: None.
•        Social vision: None.
•        Economic support: None.
•        Economic assets: None.

If the pretentious peasants claiming to be thought leaders in
this repulsive sewer of a world had the beginnings of one
working brain cell between them, they’d be howling for major
initiatives to change the script, fast. Management by psychosis
doesn’t work.

It never has. Check out the last 5000 years of recorded history.
In the Great Las Vegas of Life, the odds are always in favor of
the house. The winners are the ones who back the likelihood of
other people losing.

That’s also the way the global economy is working. The public
is expected to pay for the disasters, the meltdowns, and the
general financial and social carnage. Generation Z doesn’t
have a chance in this environment.

Historically the people who rose above the insanity of their
times were the people who went right outside the systems.
They changed them by making them obsolete in their previous

The pity of it is that “change” becomes ordinary. The problem
is that having changed the system, the mindsets of the past, in
this case apparently the Middle Ages, return. Open up a new
company, and within a few years you’ll be infested with
pedants, plodders, and people who are living in the same old
sitcom. They exist to exist, (like they could think of any other
reasons) and their idea of survivalism is following the gravy

Suddenly, you have committees debating minutiae, years
spent on doing trivial things at great expense, and people
wonder what’s gone wrong a generation later.  Add to this the
fact that today’s leaders are trained to deal with yesterday’s
problems, and you can see why Generation Z’s problems aren’
t even on the radar yet. The next species of fossil-thinkers, like
this one, won’t handle emerging situations any better.

The good news for Generation Z, such as it is, is that the
hardwired bean counters in human life will be gone. They’re
already long obsolete. The bad news is that the mentality of the
bean counters, able to bitch about paying anyone for anything,
will still be around.

Getting rid of the bean counters will get rid of the endless
rationales for creating human misery on a global scale. It won’t
get rid of the cheapskate, myopic mindsets which can’t even
think of a reason for humans to exist.

Generation Z vs the primitives

If Gens X and Y are under any impression they’re having a
hard time with fossil-think, Generation Z will be arguing with
real dinosaurs, extinct but still talking, decades after they
should have gone. Like the current clown clones, they’ll still be
spruiking a life model that doesn’t even exist any more, 20
years from now.

Generation Z has two options:

1.        Go with the flow.

2.        Go away from the flow, anywhere but where they have
instant disadvantages.

There is some hope for them with the second option.
Teenagers and up to about 30 are quite happy to have their
own social mix, separate from the Big World of bull. Ironically,
for a nice change, doing what they want to do and the things
they’re good at is the way out of the abattoir.

Gen Z can break the script, permanently, with a bit of chutzpah.
Unlike their parents, whose naiveté imprinted them with the
theory of a fabulous life of middle class diseases through
media, they have many more choices, and more avenues of

Well, have you ever seen a movie or TV show about anyone
doing something really different? There’s been no such thing,
for over 40 years. You get the occasional fairy tale, followed
by Superman and Superwoman becoming cliché lawyers
and living crappily ever after. People are imprisoned in the
script of life as dictated by media. That’s what media
jamming is all about. It’s lifestyle tyranny, 1984 with

This world has nothing to offer Generation Z. All they can
expect, unless they permanently break the mold, is more crap,
pretty substandard crap at that. They have to beat the Middle
Ages and the Stone Age Big Stick mindset. They have to de-
herd themselves and destroy the 1950s playbook. The
primitives won’t know what hit them, nor will they have any

History teaches one lesson everyone learns, usually badly and
too late: Either you run your life or it runs you. Generation Z
may be the first in history to make the right choice, simply
because it has no other choice.