Just for the record, cretinous cartoon
    publishers, I don't much appreciate getting
    recycled versions of the first rejection slip
    Gary Larson got  nearly 30 years ago, or
    versions thereof. You know damn well that
    crap you're pushing is pitifully out of date,
    technically pathetic and about as visually
    stimulating as toilet paper.

    If anyone wants to publish my cartoons, the
    magic words are "hard cash upfront" and
    "respect", and keep your damn office
    animals out of my sight. Real people only, no

    All images are copyright, no commercial uses

    I keep wondering- Is there some sort of law
    that requires everyone in media to be a
    bureaucratic peasant with an IQ containing
    no whole numbers?

    If so, sod off and take your no-talent graffiti
    artists with you.