> Your Life, Your Career

    The new site, Focus on You Careers, is all I want it to be.
    I've been furiously uploading and transferring stuff from
    YLYC, and adding some new materials.

    The deep mysterious motivation for this site is that I
    spent so many years working on so many job sites. I'm
    more than a little tired of seeing endless rehashes of
    advice that doesn't work and the rote learning of
    obsolete ideas about careers.

    The old career models don't work any more, either. I'm
    hoping that Focus on You Careers will deliver more in
    one sentence than these sites seem to deliver in years.

    I'm sure this site will deliver some strong values and
    healthy levels of new ideas in an area which seems to
    have died of its own smugness.

    Click on the link below to go to the site.