The Threat Hamster books are the preferred writing style and
    subject matter, purely creative.  The Threat-Hamster Papers,
    Mimbly Tales, and Wanderlaugh are an attempt to get away from
    the inflexible, pedantic styles of commercial writing, as well as a
    lot of fun. If anyone has as much fun reading these books as I
    had writing them, they're a good deal.

    MImbly Tales is the more
    developed form of the
    original Threat-Hamster
    idea. It's one of my all time
    favorites. The stories are
    based on the neo-Celtic
    idea, and the Idea of
    Ultimate Comfort, when I
    came up with it, was
    irresistible to explore.

    Ads is the book that wouldn't go away. It
    was originally written ten years before, but I
    wasn't happy with the way it was working.
    This version was written as much by the
    characters as myself. It's set in my home
    town of Sydney, it's fun, and it's a blast to
    Wanderlaugh is the third, more
    eclectic in the series. It was a lot of
    fun to write, in fact I didn't want to stop
    writing it. If you like the others, you'll
    love it. $9.99 on Kindle.
The art of being a Somebody is my favorite type
of writing. Catty, with lots of ways of expressing
myself and preferably ripping a few chunks out of
my subjects.

This book is designed to do more ripping of
egos than expressing. Hopefully it will.
$3.99 on

    This book is about finding a use
    for sanity. It starts by proving that
    there was no Second World War
    and that humanity doesn't exist.
    That's the first page. The rest is
    much worse.

    Dear Buckley was written for
    love, not money, and it's taken
    me four shots to write it. It's a
    commentary on Australia in
    the early 21st century, and if
    the humor gets strained a bit,
    the subject is the excuse.

    This is a country with no
    excuses. It's a country which
    used to be fun. Now it's just
    another mediocre suburban
    Western nation which has
    more process than product.
    Not good enough.
    The Creative Process is one
    of my favorites. Apparently it's
    not an uncommon title, but I
    doubt if anyone else has
    approached it this way. As the
    liner notes say, "The sarcasm
    is free."
    Product of 20 years of
Laziness can be efficiency. This
is how.
    Never mind what others
    think of your career or you.
    This is about living a life of
    your own. .
    This is the book I'd have
    like to have read before I
    started writing.
Gothic Black is a mix of humor and horror.
It's pretty different. In one story a character
is reassured by a bleeding clock, which he
can use to prove he's not insane.

    The reason for the existence of this
    site, bizarrely enough, is to showcase
    my various types of work, and SELL
    BOOKs.  So buy the books. Buy
    millions of them. Use them to build
    civilizations, or something. Start
    strange cults. Start enjoying a good
    read again, at the very least.

    To clarify: I have a lot of fun writing
    my books, and I'd like to add to the
    fun by getting paid absurdly large
    amounts of money for it. If you have
    1% of the fun reading these books as
    I had writing them, you've got a good
    deal, even at Amazon prices.