The idea of this page is to simplify finding things on
    the SMJ Eclectics Store.

    It's also a way of finding things you may have heard
    of, but never been able to find.  

    I make a point of looking for things which are both
    fabulous and hard to get.  "Eclectic" barely
    describes this collection:

    Chinese literature
    English literature
    My books...Well, OK, I'm antisocial by nature
    Incredible books
    Reference books
    Military classics
    Science fiction classics
    Comedy classics

    One thing I can guarantee is that you won't be

    The store is designed to be interesting, and take the
    hard work out of finding exceptional things.  You'll
    find things here that you've never seen before.

    I thought that since online shopping can be hard
    work trudging through a lot of different vendors
    and searches, I'd create a one stop place for some
    of my favorite things, and add extra information
    with the SMJ blog.

    The big advantage of Amazon is that its cover is

    It's also a very useful guide to online prices.

    Delivery service is excellent, and I must admit I'm
    very happy with the product quality in terms of my
    own books.
    Maybe the only thing MTV ever did right, Daria is a
    truly funny, interesting show. Do not miss.
    This is green amber. It
    makes rococo look like
    LEGO. Artistry of the Earth,
    no less, and surprisingly
    Candide is the story of
    "the best of all possible
    worlds". Think you've read
    cynicism before? You
    Asimov's classic series,
    book 1. Star Wars, Schmar
    Wars. This is for those who
    like to follow ideas, and it
    comes with some real
    storytelling, Asimov at one
    of his high points as a
...Think I'd miss
an opportunity to
plug my own
books? You
optimist, you